Europe unveils Indo-Pacific strategy

Europe announces Indo-Pacific strategy - Photo 1.

The German warship Bayern deployed to patrol in the South China Sea was recently refused by China to dock in Shanghai – Photo: DW

According to the newspaper South China Moring PostAccording to the European Union (EU) strategy published on September 16, tensions in the hotspots of the Indo-Pacific region, such as the East Sea, East China Sea, and Taiwan Strait, will directly affect the interests and prosperity of Europe. About 40% of Europe’s trade passes through this region.

Therefore, the EU will strengthen relations with countries in the region in defense, politics and also trade, health, infrastructure, data, environment…

Europe will also increase naval deployments to protect freedom of navigation and undersea lines of communication there. Specifically, the EU could deploy security and people to support international missions, such as patrols in the South China Sea, to “promote an open and rules-based regional security architecture” there. .

Talking about this strategy towards China, top European diplomat Josep Borrell affirmed that this is a strategy of cooperation, not confrontation. “Our strategy is inclusive, it’s open to all of our partners in the region. We want to cooperate, from East Africa to the Pacific, and that includes China.”

Europe’s strategy was announced shortly after the trio of US, UK, and Australia established a submarine alliance. “I don’t know anything about this. I don’t think such an agreement can be made overnight, it has to work for a while,” said Mr. Borrell. Although “regret” about the agreement, Mr. Borrell said that the impact on US-EU relations should not be dramatic.

On the same day, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reassured France that it was an important partner after Paris reacted to being on the sidelines of the submarine deal.

And Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton explained it was in the national interest to choose ships from the US and UK. “Our final decision is based on the best interests of national security,” AFP news agency quoted Dutton as saying that French submarines are not as good as British and American submarines.


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