Evaluation of a set of 3 ‘rookie’ phones TCL from 2 million: Sharp camera, strong battery, excellent screen

Despite being a “rookie” in the field of phone manufacturing, TCL is gradually making a mark in the market when officially launching the TCL 30 Series model including 03 models: TCL 30+, TCL 30SE and TCL 305 with many features. Impressive not inferior to high-end phones.

When it comes to a cheap smartphone, people often think of outdated phones with weak performance. However, they will surely have to withdraw these words when talking about TCL 30 Series – the “Life is right” phone line that is suitable for almost all users, even able to confidently compete fairly. with laptop models of the same price segment.

Unlimited experience, discovery and creativity with TCL 30+

Of the three models of the TCL 30 Series Collection, it is easy to see that the TCL 30+ is the “favorite” line when it comes to many impressive features. Especially the powerful configuration, which is highly appreciated by technology followers such as the cinema-standard 6.7-inch Full HD AMOLED screen with beautiful shimmering image quality, providing the ultimate experience even with the most demanding applications. use “heavy”.

TCL 30+ really knows how to attract the attention of all types of consumers who are looking for this criterion. The large screen size is an advantage to experience viewing everything more comfortably in entertainment as well as daily operations. Vivid color system, high contrast and wide viewing angle, extremely stylish screen capture and collapse function, TCL 30+ allows users to freely surf Facebook, watch movies, shoot tiktok or beautiful virtual Livestream on every viewing angle.

Evaluation of a set of 3 rookie phones TCL from 2 million: Sharp camera, strong battery, excellent screen - Photo 2.

Besides, the TCL 30+ is still extremely compact with an ultra-thin 7.74mm design despite the large screen area, and the curved edges around the body make it more comfortable to hold. With these advantages, users can fully immerse themselves in multimedia content perfectly.

Not to mention the device is also equipped with a set of 3 sharp 50MP AI cameras, 5010mAh buffalo battery capacity and 4GB internal memory, expandable memory card to 128GB. Especially with the trendy and strong design, it will surely catch your heart at first sight.

TCL SE: Outstanding features with the camera cluster “quality like distilled water”

Normally, “genuine” cameras are almost impossible to find in mid-range smartphones, especially in the price range of less than 4 million. But TCL has researched and brought unique and creative visual experiences throughout the TCL 30 Series phone product line, and the TCL SE is an outstanding example.

Evaluation of a set of 3 rookie phones TCL from 2 million: Sharp camera, strong battery, excellent screen - Photo 3.

The set of 3 AI Cameras on the TCL SE is fully equipped and perfect like the TCL 30+ but at a cheaper price. Still a 50MP main camera with a 2MP macro camera and a trendy 2MP depth camera with the ability to magnify many times and still be sharp. Besides, the 8MP front camera also comes with Selfie Focus, Beauty Selfie and panorama features to take the camera experience to the next level.

In particular, it features dual PDAF technology to capture fast-moving subjects in ultra-high definition; Isocell 2.0 automatic brightness optimization for low-light photos and the feature of combining 4 pixels into 1 large image pixel to provide more light capture… which only appears on high-end phones but is TCL equipped on the “cheap but martial” TCL SE. This is a big step forward for a smartphone device for young people who love technology and creativity.

TCL 305: “Weigh” all activities all day long

Positioned in the low-cost segment compared to the two “brothers” TCL 30+ and TCL SE, but the TCL 305 itself still has many expensive details from design to features, especially a large battery that can meet the needs of customers. Average response up to 2 days of use. The 5,000mAh battery is “buffalo” enough with support for 18W fast charging to perfectly meet the 6-7 hours of continuous gaming experience, providing the ability to talk continuously, listen to music continuously for 4 days or plow through movies. A long day without worrying about running out of battery and having to carry a backup charger all day.

Evaluation of a set of 3 rookie phones TCL from 2 million: Sharp camera, strong battery, excellent screen - Photo 4.

With abundant energy ready for endless experiences, TCL SE is perfectly suitable for those who need to work for a long time such as young people who are passionate about content creation, technology drivers, sellers. online stores or students, students participate in online learning … without needing to recharge many times, saving time optimally.

In addition to possessing outstanding features in terms of battery capacity, a 6.52-inch HD + screen and a trio of intelligent AI cameras with a resolution of 13MP + 2MP + 2MP are also appreciated, especially when compared to the price. 2.5 million dong.

In general, with an extremely large 6.7-inch screen, a battery capacity of 5,000 – 5010mAh and technology to update smartphone photography trends.., the appearance of the ultimate product TCL 30 Series will be a completely new wind and suitable for the dynamism, creativity and personality of the current technology trend.

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