Even if you don’t go to college, you still earn millions of dollars a year

Taking the dog for a walk, the guy earns 2.8 billion/year

Since he was a boy, Ryan Stewart (New York, USA) has always been tasked with taking the family dog ​​for a walk. The love for this 4-legged friend as well as this work experience has been formed since that day. When he later chose to pursue professional dance without going to college, Ryan found that Walking the dog can be a source of income.

In 2002, the guy started “Ryan for Dogs” – a dog walking service, but in the first half year, Ryan only had 2 guests. Now, after 20 years of working, this job has become a full-time job, bringing in an amount of 120,000 USD/year (more than 2.8 billion VND) for the guy.

Even if you don't go to college, you can still master, earn millions of dollars/year: Successful people always have their own way!  - Photo 1.

Ryan Stewart (Image: Internet)

Specifically, he earns about 60 USD per hour taking 3 to 5 dogs at the same time. KYAbout half of his customers are referrals, the other half come from the website he founded. Worth mentioning, this is only 1/10 of the requests that Ryan receives from the site.

Regarding the work schedule, Ryan works 6 days/week and about 6 hours/day. All skills in caring, managing and handling dogs come from his experience. Ryan said the downside of this job is that he has to pay his own insurance, has no days off with full pay and has to regularly clean up the dog’s waste. In addition, customers also tend to be more demanding, making him feel monitored and affected at work.

However, Ryan is still quite satisfied, especially with a significant income for a person without a university degree like him. “I’m a dog lover so this job was easier for me. The best part is that I don’t need a college degree to earn a six-figure income every year. At the same time, I get to do the same thing. i love” Ryan told CNBC.

Without college, the 21-year-old girl saved 1.7 billion after 3 years

This character is Park Yoo-jin, born in 2001, from Korea. Yoo-jin started saving on September 23, 2019, and by July 21, 2022, she had 100 million won (equivalent to 1.7 billion VND) in her savings account, in less than 3 years. The secret to her success comes from her super thrifty spending plan and hard work.

After graduating from high school, Yoo-jin chose to work without going to university. She works at the company five days a week and does a variety of other part-time jobs on weekends, from the gym to the cashier at the convenience store.

For maximum savings, Yoo-jin takes advantage of collecting expired foods at convenience stores to save money. “I can use them to cook my meals the next day. It has saved me a lot of money,” she revealed. At the same time, Yoo-jin worked hard at home cooking to take to work because of the “lunch inflation” problem..

Yoo-jin has an extremely frugal lifestyle (Screenshot)

Thanks to such a frugal lifestyle, 80 – 90% of monthly salary of Yoo-jin will be deposited into a savings account. Specifically, her total income is about 2.77 million won/month (more than 48 million VND), tof which 2.3 million won (more than 40 million VND) is saved, the rest is for living expenses – travel, emergency fund and family support.

The guy dropped out of college to become a YouTuber, earning nearly 4 million dollars/year

At the end of 2018, Brian Jung (21 years old, USA) decided to drop out of college to pursue a full-time business. This made his parents very surprised, they know that their son has a business and has a YouTube channel, but they are also worried that they are not. provide long-term financial security for a college degree. However, the young man was determined to make this decision.

Even if you don't go to college, you can still master, earn millions of dollars/year: Successful people always have their own way!  - Photo 5.

By December 2019, Jung was completely focused on YouTube. His most successful videos are about credit card reviews. At that time, the channel had about 6,000 subscribers and was earning between 200 and 300 USD/day. In 2021, in the midst of a financial frenzy, Jung’s channel was indeed a hit, growing from 100,000 to 900,000 subscribers in less than a year.

Present, Jung was 25 years old, YouTube channel also has more than 1 million subscribers. In the year 2021, the guy earned about $3.7 million, largely thanks to his personal finance YouTube channel. Besides, Jung also buy shares in a Japanese barbecue restaurant, bringing in an additional $5,500/month.

Looking back, Jung said his decision to drop out of college to become an entrepreneur and YouTuber was a “critical moment” in his life. It allows the guy to spend more time on the channel and grow into a business.

Dropping out of high school, the 22-year-old boy became the owner of a million-dollar company

At the age of 16, Jake Slinn (born 2000, England) dropped out of high school to apprentice in the waste industry. After a while, he was promoted to a manager position at the metal and scrap recycling company where his father worked. At this point, Slinn realized the hole in the market and came up with a startup idea.

Even if you don't go to college, you can still master, earn millions of dollars/year: Successful people always have their own way!  - Photo 7.

Jake Sinn (Image: Internet)

Accordingly, the number one priority for freight carriers is to ensure that when the vessel arrives at the port, the container is unloaded and emptied as quickly as possible to serve another shipment. However, that is not always easy to do, sometimes hundreds of thousands of containers have been left behind.

The longer the container stays in the harbor, the more it costs shipping lines to maintain, so they will look to Slinn’s destruction, recycling and salvage service. At the time of the epidemic, transportation was difficult, and his work was successful.

At the age of 18, Slinn started his own business with just $460 in savings. After 4 years, Slinn’s JS Global Group has reached the million-dollar revenue milestone. Slinn said the company could hit $1.6 million in sales by the end of the year. “We have never denied any request for destruction”I said.


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