Ex-Ukrainian submarine captain accused of treason

Ukraine accuses Colonel Shageev of treason when the commander of the Zaporizhia submarine joined the Russian navy in 2014 and is participating in attacks on this country.

The State Investigation Service of Ukraine on July 6 announced that Colonel Robert Shageev, former captain of the Zaporizhzhia submarine, was a “traitor” for “handing over the Zaporizhzhia submarine to the occupying forces and refusing to take the ship out of the way.” Crimean peninsula”.

Ukraine has used the term “occupation force” to refer to the Russian military since Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

Robert Shageev while holding the rank of lieutenant colonel and serving in the Ukrainian navy.  Photo: OGP.

Robert Shageev while holding the rank of lieutenant colonel and serving in the Ukrainian navy. Image: OGP.

When Russia deployed its forces to the Crimean peninsula in February 2014, the Zaporizhzhia submarine was located in Streletskaya Bay, near Sevastopol, southwest of the peninsula.

Initially, the crew of the submarine Zaporizhzhia refused to surrender to Russian forces. After a series of negotiations, Captain Shageev ordered the sailors to open the door and leave the submarine, according to the allegation of the State Investigative Service of Ukraine. A Russian tugboat brought the Zaporizhzhia submarine to the Yuzhnaya Bay, lowered the Ukrainian flag and raised the Russian navy flag.

29 of the 101 crew members of the submarine Zaporizhzhia, led by Lieutenant Colonel Denis Klochan, returned to Ukraine. The rest, including Colonel Shageev, expressed their desire to continue serving in the Russian navy.

Colonel Shageev at the end of 2014 attended a training course in St. Petersburg, then became commander of a submarine division stationed at Sevastopol. In 2018, Colonel Shageev became deputy commander of the independent submarine brigade of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to the State Investigation Service of Ukraine, Colonel Shageev is taking part in missile attacks from the Black Sea against multiple targets in Ukraine. The agency insists it has collected enough evidence and will prosecute Shageev with treason.

Submarines Zaporizhzhia (above) and Alrosa (below) at Sevastopol in March 2014.  Photo: RIA Novosti.

Submarines Zaporizhzhia (above) and Alrosa (below) at Sevastopol in March 2014. Image: RIA Novosti.

Zaporizhzhia is the only submarine of the Ukrainian navy, inherited from the Soviet navy. Ships of the Project 641 class, built in 1957-1983 with 74 units shipped. The Russian Navy has decommissioned all Project 641-class submarines, as well as not commissioned Zaporizhzhia submarines obtained from Ukraine.

Project 641 is a class of diesel-electric patrol submarines with a displacement of 1,952 tons when floating and 2,475 tons when submerged. The vessel has a maximum range of 20,000-37,000 km and can be submerged for up to 5 consecutive days. The battleship is equipped with 10 torpedo tubes and carries 22 shells.

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