Experience buying reputable travel combos, bargain prices, sisters must know to avoid ‘lost money, disability’!

After covid-19, travel companies have launched a lot of policies to stimulate tourism demand. Accordingly, travel enthusiasts immediately took advantage to be able to “hunt” many attractive vouchers, deals and combos.

However, the peak summer tourist season begins is also the time when many scams take place.

The tourism market is “busy”, be careful of the “combo trick”

On the evening of June 7, on a large travel forum, the Vietnamese travel combo business suddenly shared information about a scam that caused a group of 144 guests to go to Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) to have problems on the field. I just found out I don’t have a ticket.

Worth mentioning, many people in this group also shared some other information about similar scams, causing serious consequences for tourists.

Experience buying reputable travel combos, bargain prices, you must definitely know to avoid losing money, carrying disabilities!  - Photo 1.

The group of 144 tourists went to the airport to find out that there were no tickets even though they had already paid. (Screenshots)

Experience buying reputable travel combos, bargain prices, you must definitely know to avoid losing money, carrying disabilities!  - Photo 2.

Another person also shared about a scam similar to the one mentioned above that took place recently. (Screenshots)

To date, the authenticity of this information has not been verified. However, according to travel experts, this is precisely the time of year when the most scams take place – in many distinct forms and with different consequences: from airline tickets to hotel rooms to hotels. to tour…

Not only the travel combo business, many tourists have also spoken out about cases related to scams like this.

D.VA (25 years old, Hanoi) said: “The last trip to Con Dao, me and my friends also encountered this situation.

Normally, I still book my own room and air ticket. But when I went to Con Dao, I checked myself once and found that the price was quite high, so I switched to online travel groups to find a seller with a very good price. After a quick exchange, I didn’t think about it, but transferred the deposit because I was afraid of it all. However, after transferring the money, I could not contact this woman anymore. After that, I posted to the groups to find information but couldn’t do it. That time, I lost an amount of about 4 million dong.”

Experience buying reputable travel combos, bargain prices, you must definitely know to avoid losing money, carrying disabilities!  - Photo 3.

There have been many cases of tourists being cheated when ordering travel combos.

It can be seen that the travel combos currently for sale online are very diverse in price, diverse in services to meet everyone’s needs. However, this form also has many accompanying disadvantages.

Accordingly, visitors should firmly grasp the experience of buying travel combos to have a comfortable and economical trip; limit the occurrence of the unfortunate incidents mentioned above.

Experience buying useful, reputable, and cheap travel combos

Here are the tips for buying safe travel combos that everyone must definitely refer to:

1. Buy travel combos of reputable travel agencies

This will help you feel more secure about the quality and service of the provided travel combo package. Trusted units all have clear contracts, ready to assist in solving the problems that customers encounter during the discovery journey. Accordingly, if unfortunately encountering unnecessary cases, you can find a solution from the service provider itself.

In addition, some reputable companies also support part of the cost in the combo package, helping you save more.

2. Consider whether that cheap travel combo is right for you?

Many people, because of the cheap price, have rushed to choose to buy travel combos with low prices without paying attention to the time, destination … see if it is suitable. And then, most likely, these seemingly cheap things turn out to be expensive because of unnecessary waste. At the same time, your misconceptions may also cause unnecessary disputes between you and the travel agency providing the service, affecting the level of fun of the trip.

That’s why you need to carefully consider the travel combo package before deciding to buy.

Experience buying reputable travel combos, bargain prices, you must definitely know to avoid losing money, carrying disabilities!  - Photo 4.

Read carefully the information in the travel combo before buying. If you have any questions, you need to ask the supplier to be answered and handled.

3. Thoroughly learn about travel combo packages

Understanding the information in the combo is extremely necessary. Pay more attention to the conditions associated with the combo. Each type of travel combo will have a different price. And with this price are the conditions of use.

With this travel combo buying experience, you will get the most accurate decision for you.

4. Compare prices for combo bookings and separate travel services

According to the experience of buying travel combos of those who have gone before, you should compare the purchase price of the combo with the price of buying air tickets, hotel rooms, etc. When you compare these two forms, you can make a decision. more precise determination.

Note, you should compare products of similar quality to make an objective decision.

5. Make the most of promotions and promotions

Most tour operators launch great promotions during the summer holidays, October 20, December 24, January 1… You can take advantage of these promotions to plan your trip. My trip helps “hunt” the best possible combo.

In addition, as soon as you plan your trip, you should also follow up on Fanpage or register to receive free emails from travel websites… so as not to miss promotions.

6. Order travel combo as soon as possible

Like booking airline tickets or hotel rooms, taking advantage of early travel combos will help you buy at the best price and have time to think and consider, avoiding the case of rushing to choose and then return. choosing the wrong.

Most travel companies now offer many preferential programs for customers who register early. If you book early, you can get a discount or receive many other attractive offers. In addition, ordering combos early also helps you to be served more attentively.

7. Should choose to buy travel combo with insurance included

Travel insurance is always necessary for you no matter how you travel. It will help you rest assured to enjoy the trip with the best experiences. Especially when traveling abroad, be careful not to ignore the included insurance.

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