Experience the unlimited free battle in the mobile game War King Three Kingdoms

From the past to the present, the Three Kingdoms strategy mobile games have always had a strange attraction for older gamers because of the intellectual challenges, the ability to control the generals and the bravery to become the master.
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Especially with the SLG series, these challenges are even more difficult due to the real-time factor that governs every move, making the game more dramatic.

However, in the era of popular mobile games, mainstream SLG games are more or less lost due to built-in foreign factors. This makes the original tactical experience underestimated, instead of value for money, virtual combat power to the throne.

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But fortunately in October 2021, NPH Migame has brought to the Vietnamese market a standard strategy game called War King of the Three Kingdoms to meet the expectations of SLG game fans.

Decide for yourself the name of the Country and the location of the Battlefield for yourself

Starting from a small stronghold, players will now take the first steps such as building an army, the stronghold laying the foundation for their empire like many other familiar SLG games.

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However, the difference here is the large open world map, where you will be stalked by many other players, many other Clans, many other Leagues.

At this time, the system requires you to join and join forces with like-minded forces to both peacefully develop the economy and easily build up troops to prepare everything, ready for the big war that is about to bloom. out in the future.

The game is aimed at high interaction between players, so it has completely eliminated joining one of the four countries Wei – Thuc – Ngo – Quan often found in the Three Kingdoms themed strategy games. Instead, it gives the player full control over the name and geography of the land of Confession.
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Thanks to that, the game opens up many expeditions and sieges that take longer than many SLG games of the same type, which when entering the game have already shaped the forces and coordinates of the project. Since then, the product has opened up tense, tactical combat matches that are only seen in movies and books.

Standard SLG tactical gameplay!

Not as simple or superficial as many other strategy games, War Vuong Three Kingdoms Mobile also shows a deep tactical vision through the system of Armies, Generals, Strategy, Battle, Weapons, … extremely voluminous.

It is known that in the current version, the game owns about 88 different generals divided into different types of troops such as Infantry, Cavalry, Shield, Archery and Wizard who are mutually compatible on the battlefield.

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It’s still the familiar general strategy gameplay of the SLG series, but what makes this game more attractive to players is probably the focus on each type of army.

Accordingly, in addition to recruiting war generals, fostering talented generals to become stronger through a dense development system such as Leveling Up, Strengthening Equipment, activating Divine Soldiers, opening Seals, Rising Stars, activating Duyen, unlocking Skills, activating the War Horse… then the generals who go to battle will be allowed to lead their troops and cooperate with the support generals under the barricade to lead the troops to the battle.

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So when entering each match, it is not simple to just put strong generals on the formation and then fight, but must rely on many other supportive and correlated factors. At this point, you just have to allocate time to build the citadel, upgrade the infrastructure, and also know how to send scouts and control generals to battle appropriately.

Once you know the number of troops, how strong and weak the enemy is, then decide to arrange an offensive formation or point out the members of the Confederacy to fight up so that the enemy can’t react.

In addition to the fact that the battles in the game take place in the Auto Battle mode, the victory and loss of the match will be calculated based on the strength of the General, the number of troops involved, in addition to the application of the formation and soldiers. reasonable tactics.

In which, the significant influence is the process of resource management and scientific research. If there is no long-term orientation on which works should be prioritized first to bring about the greatest economic efficiency, as well as help increase the strength of the army in the actual stage, it is likely that the strength of the The game will have to “stomp on the spot” for a short period of time!

However, it is still very easy to play, easy to access

At first glance, it seems quite cumbersome, but the actual gameplay War King Three Kingdoms easy to satisfy every gamer, even hardcore strategy game fans or even first-timers of the SLG genre!

There is no feeling of boredom or difficulty because the game has a very detailed beginner’s guide, specifying what to do and what to do.

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In particular, the game also has an AI Tactician feature that plays an auto role in automating every game process, giving players more time to relax or sit back and analyze Citadel data better.

While all the activities in the game at first took place not too fast, but alternating, giving players time to learn thoroughly and deepen each feature one by one.

The higher the development, the more tense and fierce the fighting atmosphere becomes when joining the Guild, together with the people in the Alliance go to capture the Citadel, District, Chau of other hostile forces as well as support the enemy. mutual assistance in shortening the construction time, recruiting soldiers forever and exploiting resources, land, and valuable items.

At this point, you can send generals to guard the border, conduct foreign diplomacy to earn more alliances to support in large-scale sieges.

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Accept to pay tribute or negotiate, send the price to expand the territory for yourself with the opposing Guilds and Alliances. It is also these authentic experiences that will help players feel like they are immersed in the world of the Three Kingdoms of smoke and fire!

Even the intensity and intensity of the battles at War King Three Kingdoms will now be raised to a new level. There will be no room for any mistake when just a split second delay is enough to completely change the game, so much effort will be poured “into the river into the sea” irretrievably.


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