Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables

The garden of 300m2 is flooded with Vietnamese vegetables and fruits in the US

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, at the age of 10, Ha Thanh Nhan (32 years old) moved to the US to settle down with her mother and sister. Currently, he is working as an imaging technician at a hospital. He spent 3 years building a 300m2 large fruit and vegetable garden on his home campus in Oklahoma (Oklahoma State, USA).

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 1.

It is known that in 2020, when he has his own house and spacious garden, Nhan begins to grow vegetables. There are most of Vietnamese vegetables such as gourd, zucchini, melon, spinach, cucumber, … and many kinds of fruit trees such as white-fleshed peaches, yellow-fleshed peaches and flat peaches.

Every day, after leaving the hospital, he returns home and goes to the garden to water the plants, harvest,… Just like that, Nhan spends about 3-4 hours a day taking care of the garden. Fruits and vegetables collected in addition to serving family meals are also given to friends and relatives.

In addition to vegetables, Nhan also has a strong passion for peppers and roses. Currently, he has grown more than 500 varieties of chili peppers and many types of roses. “When the day is too much, I work with the lights until the evening, on the weekends it’s more leisurely. For me, the garden not only brings a peaceful space, but it also helps me be more patient and meticulous.” – Nhan tells about his gardening.

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 2.

Some types of chili that Nhan has grown and harvested

The farm of nearly 10,000m2 grows vegetables, raises chickens and raises ducks of Vietnamese mothers in Germany

Nearly 3 years ago, husband and wife Nguyen Thi Mien (commonly known as Min, 29 years old, HCMC) took their son from Frankfurt to the town of Feldata, a suburb of Germany. Here, they repaired the 700m2 house to live in and bought nearly 1ha more land (.000m2) for farming.

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 3.

Loving gardens and nature, Mien has devoted a lot of enthusiasm to her own farm. In the large garden, she and her husband grow a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Spring and autumn are the seasons of cold plants such as radishes, carrots, mustard greens, cabbage, sauerkraut, chrysanthemums, etc. Summer from May to September is the season for tropical plants. such as melon, melon and gourd, squash, melon, bitter melon, amaranth, spinach, water spinach, eggplant, squash, chayote, etc. Mien also raises chickens and ducks to lay eggs.

Not stopping at self-sufficiency, Mien also brings home-grown vegetables and eggs to sell to the locals. In addition, her farm is also open to visitors and farmers to experience, introduce Vietnamese culture, especially Vietnamese food and agricultural products.

Vegetables from the Mien couple’s farm

Before that, both Mien and her husband did not have much experience in farming, so they faced many difficulties to get the present results. Excited: “Most of the guests who come to my farm when enjoying stir-fried morning glory with garlic are fascinated, they are also surprised to see that the top of the squash is edible because previously only ate squash. My husband personally thought that a bed of amaranth was grown by his wife. the grass should still be quick to suggest pulling it up.”.

The garden of water spinach, spinach,… 2500m2 wide in France

After marrying her French husband, Ngo Thi Phuong (originally from Nam Dinh) lived in an old house in a small town on the coast of Britany (France). Around the house is a 2,500-square-meter garden for Phuong to cultivate.

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 5.

In this garden, Phuong grows many kinds of fruits, especially Vietnamese vegetables such as morning glory, spinach, chayote, bok choy, etc. She said that she grows rural vegetables to help her miss her hometown and home. and my husband also loves to eat pure Vietnamese vegetables.

“Not only me but all family members are very passionate about taking care of the garden, the children help their mother to harvest vegetables every day. This is also the inspiration for me to set up a YouTube channel to share my daily life. day in France” – Phuong shared.

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 6.

3 rural gardens of a Vietnamese mother’s country garden in Hungary

After living and working in Budapest (Hungary) for a long time, Phuong Thao (from Hue) has a garden full of vegetables, fruits and trees bearing the character of her homeland.

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 7.

The vegetable and potato beds in Thao’s garden

In addition to pure Vietnamese vegetables, Thao’s garden also has many native fruits such as corn, guava, passion fruit, papaya, phoenix flower… Especially some plants in the garden are also brought from Vietnam. as luxurious as lotus, wallflower, jasmine. Not only that, but Thao also digs ponds and lakes in the style of Hue garden houses, creating a beautiful ancient and modern scene, just like being in Vietnam.

In the garden, there are also many climbing persimmons appearing everywhere from the fence, the welcome gate or beside the pond, the foot of the bridge creates vibrant colors and a cool space.

Exporting to grow pure Vietnamese vegetables - Photo 8.

Roses and many other flowers in the garden

Currently, in addition to the garden around her house, Thao also owns 2 other gardens with an area of ​​1,400m2 and 600m2.

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