Extremely intelligent and adorable, the Beluga whale also has a special ability that makes people shudder

The Beluga whale, also known as the white whale, is one of the smallest whale species in the animal world. They have a characteristic smooth white skin, and a head with a classic “stubborn forehead” that gives them an unmistakable appearance.

Beluga whales often live in groups; They have extremely high social organization and have a variety of communication methods, such as whistles.

They live in arctic or sub-arctic waters, and some can also be found in deep water near the shore. Beluga whales feed on smaller marine animals and have predatory habits similar to killer whales. However, they are extremely friendly and love people.

Adult Beluga whales are up to 4 meters in size and possess a brain twice that of a human, with even more folds. They have problem-solving and communication skills, can stay calm in tough situations, and can be easily trained.

Thanks to its ability to copy a variety of sounds and even “singing”, the Beluga whale is also known as the “canary” of the sea.

Extremely intelligent and lovely, the Beluga whale also has a special ability that makes people shudder - Photo 1.

They live in groups and often like to sing.

But this is the remarkable thing. In 2017, Newsweek reported that a beluga whale “learned” a “foreign language” of dolphins when he moved in with the dolphins. Before that, the Beluga whale lived with its own kind and “speaks” normal Beluga.

After 2 months of “moving house”, it began to make new whistles with sounds similar to “brothers” of dolphins living together. It can even make characteristic whistles that are no different from ordinary dolphins to easily blend in.

That’s actually not too surprising, because Beluga whales and bottlenose dolphins are close relatives.

Bizarre phenomenon and real explanation

What really makes people shudder is a beluga whale once in captivity named NOC.

NOCs were kept in captivity at a marine animal center in San Diego, California, USA, until his death in 1999. In 1984, scientists discovered a bizarre phenomenon when the appearance of human voices around NOC’s captivity when no one is around.

The study’s co-author then acknowledged the area where human voices appeared, but it was difficult to recognize those sounds to understand what people were trying to communicate.

Of course, scientists do not look for explanations in supernatural phenomena. Things became even more thrilling when a diver in a whale tank heard someone chasing him, which sounded like the word “out” (“out” in English).

Turns out, that voice was coming from the NOC. In fact, this guy has had plenty of opportunities to listen to human conversations, from both tank dwellers and divers, when communicating with each other.

In a more rigorous test to see if NOCs can actually mimic humans, scientists rewarded him with snacks when it made those sounds, prompting it to do so. long enough for them to record.

Extremely intelligent and lovely, Beluga whales also have a special ability that makes people shudder - Photo 2.

Beluga whales are very friendly and love humans, even carnivores.

The NOC’s acoustic analysis revealed a rhythm similar to that of the human voice. They also display fundamental frequencies several octaves below the typical whale sound and much closer to the sound of a human voice.

Researcher Sam Ridgway, neurobiologist, veterinarian and president of the National Marine Mammal Foundation, told LiveScience: “We were surprised – we were surprised – that sound really reminded us of human-like voices and unlike the sounds of normal whales. We’ve never heard anything like this before.”

In addition to NOC, many people also tell the story of another Beluga whale in Vancouver, Canada when it learned to say its own name, “Lagosi”.

Source: NatGeo, Live Science, Britannica


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