Facebook donates nearly half a billion dollars to US election offices in 2020

In 2020, Facebook donates nearly half a billion dollars to US election offices - Photo 1.

Facebook spends 13% of its budget dedicated to developing disinformation algorithms outside of the US – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

However, according to the newspaper New York TimesIt was those donations that prompted a Republican response, pushing for bans on personal sponsorship of US elections.

Sheet New York Times In 2020, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has donated nearly half a billion dollars to election offices across the United States. This has led to harsh criticism from the conservative public, who suspect the Facebook boss has had some influence on the 2020 presidential election.

Specifically, billionaire Zuckerberg and his wife donated $419 million to two nonprofit organizations in 2020, and these two organizations distributed that money to more than 2,500 constituencies.

Donations from such individuals will help these units buy more voting equipment, expand voting by mail, buy more personal medical equipment to prevent COVID-19 as well as Training staff to serve elections.

However, these funds also fueled a lack of confidence among supporters of former President Donald Trump. Many people who are “fans” of Mr. Trump believe that the money was used to help Joe Biden win the election, although they have no evidence for this type of accusation.

And as a response to this incident, in many US states controlled by the Republican Party, the government banned the donation of personal money to election offices.

Perhaps partly for this reason, on April 12, Mr. Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Facebook Company, confirmed that the donations of Mr. Zuckerberg – CEO of Meta Company, and his wife, Ms. Priscilla Chan, will be never for election offices again after doing it only “once” in 2020.

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