Facebook postpones launch of Instagram version for kids

Facebook postponed the launch of the Instagram version for children - Photo 1.

Logo of the Instagram application on the phone – Photo: REUTERS

According to Quartz News, Facebook came to this decision after facing a lot of strong objections over the past time with that application.

Opponents cite plenty of evidence showing the negative effects of Instagram’s photo-sharing social network on children, especially teenage girls.

An internal study shows that this social network makes many girls feel that what belongs to their body is very bad, inferior, which leads to low self-esteem, guilt, even depression.

As for Facebook, Mr. Adam Mosseri, in charge of the Instagram app, said on September 27 that he believes the Instagram Kids app is important because children have been using it for a long time, so adding Instagram Kids to him will only help parents. Better management. Technically, Instagram only allows users 13 and older.

The Instagram Kids app will be an ad-free app and give parents more control over content, similar to other kids social media apps YouTube Kids, Spotify Kids or Messenger Kids (by Facebook). ), according to Mr. Mosseri.

However, it must also be recalled that a design error in the Messenger Kids app in 2019 made it possible for thousands of children to talk to unauthenticated users on the platform.

In April this year, the non-profit organization for children’s rights, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, sent a letter calling on Mr. Instagram Kids app development.

The organization believes that children aged 10-12 will never switch to “baby” apps as Facebook’s goal. Accordingly, the launch of this application only makes more children of a younger age participate in Instagram.


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