Family secret ‘red zone’

The secret of the family in the red zone - Photo 1.

My family lives in the “red zone” ward 5, Go Vap district, HCMC. Actually, I didn’t wait until the government “identified”, my family was in the “red zone”.

In fact, since the beginning of June this year, my family and many other households have lived in the blockade area. From such a life, I have learned many positive things myself when facing this mysterious situation.

So what “secret” to find optimism and positivity?

Finance: It’s not easy to be indifferent!

Unless your work can be done from home, if you live in the red zone, you will definitely lose your income, which is a very headache for many people.

So why don’t you seriously try to learn how to make money during the pandemic to support your family? I guarantee you absolutely can do it if determined.

There are many jobs that can make money during the pandemic, such as typing (you receive a request from a business and type it into a document), writing a newspaper (it is a matter of which newsroom you write for, which section, is it suitable for you). with your taste and writing style or not)… Another solution is to sell online, if the shipper force is allowed to operate.

Proactively deal with COVID-19

It is not because you are in the “red zone” that the risk of disease spread will be reduced before the strict blockade of the government.

In fact, a series of F0 cases in the “red zone” of my neighborhood are “revealed”. There’s no such thing as absolute safety, especially when you’re in a contagion zone. That is why panic and fear will cover every day.

However, there is one thing we need to be wise to understand, which is that not everyone “sticks” to COVID-19 will die. Instead of being scared, why don’t we learn how to cope if we or our family are infected?

There is a wealth of information showing how to do it step by step when someone is F0. From initial processing to who to call, it’s all complete. Please save the information issued by the media so that when something happens, especially the necessary phone numbers, you follow the instructions to protect yourself and your family.

Food “war”

Another problem that is quite headache is finding food for family meals. Although there are many channels for you to buy food such as combo sales of supermarkets, grocery shopping… but it is difficult to buy from these channels because they are actually overloaded.

I have been disappointed many times even though there are 3 large supermarkets around my neighborhood and 2 mini supermarkets.

Therefore, we need to be flexible, actively participate in food trading groups in the area where we live, and remember to ensure the 5K principle when delivering and receiving goods.

Coping with inactivity break season

One thing that is easy to see, especially for families in the “red zone”, is that emotions are sucked away because they have to stay at home for too long. The “symptom” of this state is that nothing seems to interest you anymore, and the day gets longer and more boring.

Solving this is not easy. I have applied all the ways to make myself, my children, and my family more motivated, think optimistically during the holiday season, but nothing works before the time of staying at home for too long.

Making money during the pandemic is a way to shorten the day and have meaningful “work” to do, but the spirit of family members during the epidemic season is also an issue we cannot be indifferent to.

I tried a new “therapy” to get my family back on track by getting the whole family to do something together. My wife and I watch movies, read newspapers and do many other things.

This not only allows me to better understand my loved ones, but also creates an opportunity for everyone to “accept” to talk to each other… And so far this therapy is still good, you should try it!

What “secret” do you have to keep the atmosphere green during the days of living in the midst of the epidemic “red zone”? Or simply, what have you done to bring positive, joyful energy to your family during the “stay at one place” days. We invite readers to share about the Nest via email [email protected]


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