Fans are worried about Luu Duc Hoa’s health condition

Recently, Andy Lau posted a short video on Douyin (TikTok China) sharing about his working day, with the caption: “Last day of filming”.

Fans are worried about Luu Duc Hoa's health - Photo 2.

Latest pictures of Andy Lau at the backstage

In the video, the video is sitting in a car going to the set. He wore a short-sleeved black T-shirt, denim shorts, glasses and a mask, looking casual and youthful. When he opened the car door and saw the camera, he raised two fingers in a friendly and lovely greeting. However, the “King of Hong Kong” born in 1961 seems to have not had enough rest, his eyes are lethargic and tired. While wearing makeup, he showed a pale expression, the wrinkles on the corners of his eyes were obvious.

After that, he changed his clothes and went to the filming location. It can be seen that the gait is no longer energetic and agile as before, instead a bit limp. When leaving the studio, the actor surnamed Luu stooped and leaned forward slightly, creating a feeling of old age.

The latest behind-the-scenes images of Andy Lau make fans very worried about his health condition. Many people advise the star “Than Bai” to pay attention to health, not to be too greedy for work because he is also 61 years old, can not compare to the old days. Besides, many people praised Luu Duc Hoa for his spirit of respecting karma, not afraid of hard work and fatigue.

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Netizens are worried about the health of the King of Hong Kong

It is known that Andy Lau has just completed the filming of the movie “Tentative” on August 27. As the main role, Andy Lau has many dangerous action scenes that require a lot of energy. However, he did all the difficult scenes by himself, without the need for a stuntman. Most likely, continuously working with high intensity for many months makes the 6x actor “overloaded”.

Andy Lau is a rare case in Cbiz. Since his successful role as Duong Qua in “The Condor Heroes” (1983), he has maintained the charm of a Hong Kong A-list superstar to this day, not only as an actor but also as an actor. singer, producer. At the peak of his career, he was still working hard, constantly pushing himself.

Fans are worried about Luu Duc Hoa's health - Photo 4.

Luu Duc Hoa is a legend of the showbiz of Thom Port

During 40 decades of artistic activity, he has a large fan base that far exceeds even the most popular “traffic” stars today. A netizen once wrote: “When the stars shine, you are one of them. Now that many stars have dimmed, he still shines and shines brighter.

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