Farmer mother with 3 children attending the top schools in Asia: Revealing 2 SECRETS of parenting that shocked everyone

In each college admission season, in addition to scores, majors, and hot occupations, public opinion is also particularly interested in touching stories. They are examples of poor students overcoming difficulties and getting high scores in exams. Behind each story is a fate, a situation that makes many people think.

Recently, a rural family living in China has attracted the attention of a large number of online communities. This family has a poor background, is a simple farmer, but has 3 children who are accepted into the top schools in China.

A farmer mother with 3 children attending the top schools in Asia: Revealing 2 SECRETS raising children that shocked everyone - Photo 1.

The farmer mother of three children all study at the top universities in Asia.

According to the mother’s share, the family has 3 children, including 2 daughters and 1 son. Her eldest daughter entered the University of 211 – one of the key schools, with strengths as well as excellent training achievements in different fields. Admission requirements of 211 universities are very strict, requiring constant study efforts to ensure output quality.

The second daughter and youngest son both entered Tsinghua University – a school that is considered “the dream destination of Chinese and international students”. Tsinghua University (Tsinghua University) is considered as “Chinese MIT”, leading in training in Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering.

When asked about the secret of raising children to be obedient, study hard, and achieve high results, the farmer mother only smiled quietly. She humbly shared that she did not have any sublime methods, only applying two things in the process of raising children.

1. Always be treated fairly, without discriminating between men and women

The first thing, the mother of 3 children with high scores said that she always treats her children fairly. In the family, the children receive the same love and care, there is no such thing as “respect for men and despise women”. According to her, boys or girls also need to study, work and entertain at the right age.

She also never put the children on the scale to judge which child is better than the other, what is inferior to each other. Or put pressure on your child: “Boys have to be like this…”, girls have to be like that…”. Just try to put yourself in your child’s position and you will know how much you hate comparisons, and parents will understand how their children feel.

A farmer mother with 3 children attending the top schools in Asia: Revealing 2 SECRETS raising children that shocked everyone - Photo 2.

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, a mother always treats her children fairly.

The unfair treatment, “respect men and despise women” will make children feel inferior about themselves. In addition, children tend to be jealous and envious of their siblings, leading to affected family harmony. Don’t let the child’s mind form the idea that his parents don’t love him like his brother/sister.

When children live in harmony and love each other, it will create a good premise in the development process. Children will support each other in learning and push each other forward.

2. Teach your kids about honesty

The second thing in the secret of parenting, the mother shared, she taught her children to always be honest in all circumstances. Children often lie because they don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. For example, if a child gets a bad grade, he or she tends to avoid, or even lie, a higher score. Or when children damage things in the house, they will lie for fear of being punished by their parents.

To teach 3 children about honesty, the mother understands that the best method is to be a good example. In everything, she did not lie to me, did not hide from me. Sometimes a parent’s actions speak louder than words. If you only teach without setting an example, it will make children who are not yet “convinced”.

A farmer mother with 3 children attending the top schools in Asia: Revealing 2 SECRETS raising children that shocked everyone - Photo 3.

However, teach children to be honest not only with their mother or in the family, but also with those around them when they see that person makes a mistake. For example, when they see you cheating on an exam, your child needs to tell you to stop. In case you continue to behave badly, teach your child to notify the teacher.

Not turning a blind eye to the deceitful actions of others is indeed extremely difficult, even for adults, let alone children. However, if parents do not properly instruct and strengthen their children’s beliefs about honesty, children will run the risk of covering up or being more dangerous than becoming “allies” to do the same.

The mother whose children passed 3 prestigious universities also shared that she often told her children about each person’s imperfections. Everyone makes mistakes at times, but the most important thing is knowing how to correct them. If you find your child lying, ask them to rethink everything. Then, parents and children sit down and talk together about the issue.

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