Fastest growing black hole in 9 billion years

The research has also been published on arXiv and is published in the Journal of the Astronomical Society of Australia. The black hole was discovered to consume the same energy as one Earth every second, and its luminosity is 7,000 times the luminosity of all the light in the Milky Way combined, helping scientists observe with telescopes. easier.

Lead researcher Dr. Christopher Onken and colleagues describe the discovery of this black hole as “picking up a needle from the seabed”.

The mass of this black hole is also 3 billion times the mass of the Sun, 500 times more massive than the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. While other black holes of similar size stopped growing billions of years ago, so the newly discovered black hole makes it unique and attracts the attention of scientists.

The black hole was observed by the Australian National University’s SkyMapper telescope. The SkyMapper telescope is dedicated to finding the oldest stars and galaxies.

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