FBI investigates ‘flying man’ hovering in the sky of Los Angeles

The FBI opened an investigation into a floating object in Los Angeles that looked like a “man in a flying suit”, but determined that this could be a balloon simulating a humanoid.

Los Angeles officials began investigating a pilot’s report of what appears to be a “man in a jet suit” that flew over the city in August 2020. Three months later, the object continued to fly over Los Angeles, causing a stir among air traffic controllers. A pilot flying over Los Angeles in July reported seeing a humanoid object at an altitude of 1,500 meters.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate this phenomenon. However, on November 4, investigators made a preliminary assessment, saying that this is not a “flying person” as rumored, but may just be a humanoid balloon.

“One plausible theory is that the pilots may have seen a balloon,” said Rick Breitenfeldt, FAA spokesman.

The FAA issued the statement after NBC4 News in Los Angeles released video and images provided by police on November 1 that showed what appeared to be a balloon, about the same size or larger than a real person, and ignored. mezzanine in the Beverly Hills and Holmby area. This object resembles the main character Jack Skellington from the 1993 animated film Christmas Eve.

The US raised the theory of 'flying people' causing a stir in Los Angeles

The object is suspected to be a person wearing a flying suit in Los Angeles in the video shown on November 1. Video: NBC4 News.

This image of the object was obtained by a Los Angeles police helicopter in November 2020, about two weeks after it appeared on Halloween. The Los Angeles Police Department declined to comment and said the FAA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were still investigating the object.

“The FAA has worked closely with the FBI,” Breitenfeldt said. “We have not been able to verify any information from people who have seen the object.” The FBI in a statement also said in a statement that the detections of these objects had not been verified, and supported the theory that the pilots may have seen a balloon.

The stores sell a variety of decorations and toys modeled on the character Jack Skellington, with the hanging model 1.8m long and the inflatable model about 5.4m long. Seth Young, an aviation expert at Ohio State University, said large balloons with a diameter of 1.8 meters usually do not pose a threat to aircraft.

“If the engine is accidentally sucked in, these balloons do less damage than a goose. However, a large cluster of balloons can endanger flights,” Young said.

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