Female nurse takes care of COVID-19 patients all night so that father’s spirit can rest in peace

The female nurse takes care of the COVID-19 patient all night so that her father's spirit can rest in peace - Photo 1.

A doctor’s loving handshake for COVID-19 patients

In the summer of 2021, the time when the whole country is facing many difficulties and losses due to the COVID-19 epidemic is also the time when the medical team – doctors stretch themselves on the front lines against the epidemic. Although there are simple tasks supported by volunteers, such as medical declarations, tracing, sampling, etc., it is the medical staff who step inside the last line of defense, where the patients are. patients being treated for COVID-19.

I vividly remember how my whole family panicked and felt insecure when we were hospitalized together. During these difficult and tiring times because of the epidemic, the dedication and thoughtfulness of the treating doctors made us really warm.

Due to advanced age, my parents had a fever for three consecutive nights at the field hospital. My brother and I were tired and sore, so we couldn’t take care of our parents.

Therefore, for three nights in a row, the doctors at the hospital took turns taking care of my parents, measuring their temperature, and giving my parents fever-reducing sauces.

The female nurse takes care of the COVID-19 patient all night so that her father's spirit can rest in peace - Photo 2.

A moment of rest for the frontline team during the epidemic days

I was very moved when I saw the image of the nurse staying up all night taking care of each patient in the isolation room that day, even though she had been in the shift since the morning before.

When she saw that I offered to help, she softly said: “You’re still tired, so just rest. I haven’t been infected, so I still have more resistance than everyone else. When I’m tired, I’ll ask you. Now Here we should not distinguish between patients and doctors, let’s treat each other like one big family.”

The answer was small but made me tear up. Even more emotional when I later had the opportunity to visit each other on Facebook, I learned that my three sisters had passed away just a few days ago, also from COVID-19.

She told me: “I see this as a way for my father to feel more secure, to continue his optimistic spirit, to spread a lot of positive energy of his father when he was still alive.”

It turns out that there are many ways for us to ease the sadness and loss in life. One of the simplest ways is to live more tolerantly, inheriting the optimistic and honest spirit of those who have passed away, so that their image will forever remain in our hearts.

The nurse takes care of the COVID-19 patient all night so that her father's spirit can rest in peace - Photo 3.

Doctor’s bed in field hospital

Medicine is one of those hard jobs that requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication. But in the midst of the epidemic, the medical team faced even more difficulties.

From having to cover the body in a protective suit for many hours in the hot season, sweating like a bath, to the seemingly very small difficulties when the drop shield is misty due to the tightness of the mask.

From having to calmly accept the pain caused by regularly taking oropharyngeal fluid for testing to the obsession when every day, every hour, even every minute standing by the hospital bed facing the patient’s life-and-death line. body can become F0…

In the fight against COVID-19, in addition to medical knowledge, enthusiasm and devotion to patients is a great source of energy for the medical team.

During the days at the field hospital, I witnessed many times their hard work in the fight against the epidemic. It’s hard to count how many overtime and incomplete meals, how many emergency shifts are filled with pressure, stress to the point of exhaustion, but hearing the alarm sound of sick patients, in need of support, they rush away, forget that you are very tired, even exhausted.

Their joy is simply seeing the sick and healthy leaving the hospital.

We would like to thank and express our deep gratitude to the white-shirted soldiers who did not mind the hardships, giving so much faith and strength to the patients during the stressful time of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Together Youth give thanks

In 2021, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, medical students from universities, medical soldiers … from all regions have come to the southern provinces and cities, including Ho Chi Minh City, to join the local fight against COVID-19 pandemic. In tight protective suits, tight masks, many patients do not know their faces day and night for treatment and care.

A lot of emotions, nostalgia, many thanks have not been said yet when the patient was discharged from the hospital, when the doctors, nurses … left when the pandemic was less stressful.

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