Fieldroom in the back-to-school season

Field room in the back-to-school season - Photo 1.

Captain Pham Cong Sy (Binh Thanh District Police) accompanied Tran Lien Hoa (grade 2)

Most of the children studying here are the children of families living in rented houses, shacks along the canals, etc., who have been moved to temporary apartments during the epidemic prevention and control period.

This field classroom is located on the ground floor of block A. The functional forces make use of the stone benches as tables, equipped with WiFi, power sockets, support to buy pens and new books for the children. In addition, workers living here can also come to work online at any time.

Mr. Le Minh Hai (Deputy Head of the People’s Committee of Binh Thanh District Party Committee) said that volunteers will support WiFi connection, solve problems when accessing the network and tutor the children.

“We take advantage of the apartment building, including the neatly arranged stone benches, ensuring 5K. We hope that the children will not lose their basic knowledge at the beginning of the school year, when the epidemic subsides, they will return to school when they return to school. grasp the training program,” said Mr. Hai.

Ms. Tran Thi Nga (Binh Thanh District) shared: “The hostel I live in has an F0 case, so my family was moved here.

I’m also afraid that I’ll go to grade 2 in the new school year, don’t go to school and don’t know how to study, but here I have a decent place to study. The child was happy to say “I have learned, Grandma, I go to the ground floor to study like in school”. I’m grateful to hear that.”

Field room in the back-to-school season - Photo 2.

The functional force supports the students to buy new notebooks and write new ones

Field classroom in the back-to-school season - Photo 3.

Ms. Dang Phuong Trinh (volunteer) brought Ms. Diem Phuong back to the hostel to pick up books and notebooks for her 2 sons

Fieldroom in the back-to-school season - Photo 4.

Soldier Duong Quang Thinh (Army Officer School 2) helps Pham Viet Quang (grade 8 of Minh Duc Secondary School) solve difficult exercises when needed

Field room in the back-to-school season - Photo 5.

The study table is used from the chairs in the apartment, the distance is arranged, the room is cleaned


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