Financial experts show how to refuse to lend money: Remember, you are not anyone’s personal bank!

“Being” asked for a loan often puts the lender in a somewhat confusing and awkward initial situation. If you are a close person who is highly trusted, perhaps the lender will not think much and quickly nod in agreement. If the other party is a person in a social relationship, the lender will be quite hesitant.

Understanding this, Tami Claytor, director of the New York-based financial advisory center shared: “Usually, lending always creates an uncomfortable feeling for both parties, which is a pity. On the borrower’s side, they often feel shy and embarrassed because money represents a part of the value. each person’s worth”.

In case you do not want to lend to the other party, Claytor recommends that you still show empathy for the other person’s plight they’re in. As a next step, you should apologize and explain that right now, you are not able to help them even though you really want to. After that, you should briefly explain why you can’t help them, not long. In the end, you can give them the best solution or simply a wish of luck.

In case you have money but really don’t want to lend it to the other party, Claytor recommends telling the truth because: “You should be frank with the other person that you have your own principles, can’t lend money to anyone but still keep an uncomfortable, uncomfortable feeling between the two of you.”.

Financial experts show how to refuse to lend money: Remember, you are not anyone's personal bank!  - Photo 1.

In the event that the person has borrowed money and has not paid it back, Claytor advises that you can remind your partner of “old stories” with a gentle attitude, not angry or derisive. The financial expert explains: “You can express your opinion that you don’t want them to be in debt more, but be careful not to actively ask why they have to borrow money to avoid arousing or making them more confused. Let the person ask the loan to borrow money on their own. talk about their situation”.

According to financial experts, do not make the person who asks for a loan after asking for a loan, you will feel aversion to the other person because you do not receive respect. In case you feel guilty about not being able to lend money to the other party, Please understand that this problem is not with you, but with the other party. No matter how close two people are, you should remember that you are not their bank.

Jodi RR Smith, president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, agrees: “Actually, you don’t have to give an explanation as to why you can’t get a loan. Just be gentle and tell the truth that you know it’s been a difficult time for them, but that you’re sorry for not being able to help. get them”.

This is your money, made by you “sweat, boiling tears”, they have no right to be angry when you do not lend them. In return, you seek to help them with options such as job referrals, acting as a bridge with credit institutions, banks, etc. In short, you should trust and maintain your point of view in an unfavorable situation. -who-want-to-see this.

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