Find joy in the days of separation

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Joy from volunteer work, Ms. Thanh Tam (Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) and a few sisters made a late-night meal and sent it to a place where doctors and nurses were on duty. THANH TAM MY

Many people complain that staying at home during the holidays is boring, but for NTD, 42 years old, living in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, there is no time to be sad. As a wife and mother, every new day I have a lot of work to do.

Everyone has more free time than before and what to use this time for is up to each person to decide. In any situation, you should still find joys and meaningful activities.

Mr. H. shares

Make plans with your kids

From the first days of the separation, Ms. D. had predicted that the days at home would be long. The couple and their two children have planned, scheduled, and assigned work to each member during the days of separation.

Sister D. has two little girls. One child is in 8th grade and one is in 4th grade. Previously, her family had a maid, so no one had to do housework. Now everything has changed, the whole family stays at home, eats all three meals together, so they have to cook and clean themselves.

“It is true that the pandemic season has many difficulties such as the affected family’s income, the fear of contracting COVID-19, the difficulty of buying food…, but there are also many good things like having time to take care of yourself. , family, members promote their abilities during the epidemic season that the ancients often say “the difficult reveals the wisdom””, Ms. D. shared.

Her children used to rarely do housework, but thanks to the distance, she assigned and guided the older children to cook and clean the house, while the younger ones knew how to wash dishes and clean tables and chairs.

And Ms. D. even in the days of separation, she still keeps the habit of getting up early at 5 am. She practices meditation, then prepares breakfast for the whole family. When the children wake up, she and the children do yoga.

After practicing, she turned on classical piano music and the whole family sat down to have breakfast. While eating, the whole family told stories that they felt happy to welcome the new day.

On the days of separation, she planned to work from home for herself and designed reading and self-study programs for her children. Her children also don’t have time to be sad because of self-study, reading books, practicing piano, drawing pictures, doing housework, sometimes talking to friends via Zalo…

Ms. D. said these days, her family also exercises together for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day, even after 9 o’clock, the whole family goes to the terrace to sunbathe.

In the funny stories told at breakfast, she still tells her children about the warm humanity in the neighborhood she lives in.

A young man from the neighborhood, whose name she did not even know, many times spent money to buy vegetables and distributed free vegetables to the houses in the neighborhood. When buying chicken eggs is difficult, this young man also buys eggs to help the whole neighborhood.

Every time she receives a bunch of vegetables in front of her house, she feels the warmth of humanity during the epidemic season. At such times, she shared with her children about giving, helping others…

Boost your health during the pandemic

Ms. NTML, who lives in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, has a girl in grade 3. She used to be anorexic so she was very sick. During the holidays at home, working remotely, Ms. L. learned how to cook many delicious dishes so that her daughter would like to eat more.

Ms. L. said in the past, her whole family got up in a hurry to go to work and school. When she got home from work, it was already dark, so she cooked simple, easy-to-make dishes and rarely changed dishes, so her children often ate very little.

During the holidays, if you have any food at home, you go to Google to find out what dishes that food can be processed. If you find a dish that is delicious and suitable for your family, you will choose to cook it. The epidemic season is the time when her family can enjoy many new dishes.

Not only processing food, she also makes many kinds of cakes such as pumpkin cake, yams cake… but when it’s done, she also enjoys it for the first time.

Her husband and children always compliment her when she cooks new dishes. Being a little knowledgeable about nutrition, she often chooses dishes that are both delicious and healthy. My daughter looks more fleshy.

Ms. L. thinks that she needs to help family members improve their health during the epidemic season so that if they catch COVID-19, they will also have good resistance to “beat” COVID-19.

To have good health, it is necessary to eat well, exercise regularly and have a happy spirit.

In addition to eating a lot of vegetables, drinking enough water, preparing nutritious dishes, her family often drinks lemonade, orange juice, grapefruit, tangerine… because these are the fruits that help strengthen the resistance. during the pandemic.

As a business owner, during the quarantine days, his company NPH, 40 years old, living in Phu Nhuan district, temporarily took a break. During this time, he decided to practice IELTS and set a goal when taking the test to score 6.5.

Mr. H. said that his job always requires English, although he does not need a degree, but during the holidays he is free, he also wants to focus on IELTS practice so as not to worry about the epidemic anymore. In addition, he also wants to set an example for his son that nothing is difficult if he wants to.

These days of separation are also experiences for each person.

Finding joy in the midst of a pandemic Finding joy in the midst of a pandemic

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