Find X5 Pro can keep at 80% battery capacity after 1,600 charge cycles

According to PhoneArenaThe biggest headache with fast chargers is that they reduce the life of lithium batteries on smartphones. So Oppo has implemented a new technology on its high-end Find X5 Pro phone for the first time after 3 years of research and innovation.

Find X5 Pro can keep at 80% battery capacity after 1,600 charging cycles - photo 1

Oppo Find X5 Pro is the first smartphone to come with Battery Health Engine technology

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Called Battery Health Engine, the latest lab tests show that even after 1,600 charge cycles, the battery is still operating at 80% of its original capacity. It is known that each cycle consists of charging a battery from 0% to 100% and then discharging the battery to 0% again.


Oppo has attached a chart with the press release showing the lithium battery being charged with regular Flash Charge, where it drops to 80% capacity after 800 charge cycles. But using Flash Charge with Battery Health Engine, it took 1,600 charge cycles to bring the battery down to 80% capacity. That means Find X5 Pro’s battery will last more than twice as long as a battery charged with regular Flash Charge technology.

In a press release, Oppo said, “As a leader in charging technology, Oppo knows that the future development of fast charging does not stop at high power levels – it also needs consider aspects such as safety, portability, compatibility and battery life. Here, Oppo is making great strides in upgrading the smartphone charging world to completely revolutionize the user experience of using smartphones, while contributing to the future sustainability of lithium battery technology. “.

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