Fire on ferry carrying 300 people off the coast of Sweden

The fire broke out on the ferry carrying 300 passengers on its way to Sweden, but there were no casualties.

The fire broke out from the car park deck of the Stena Scandica ferry as it sailed north of the Swedish island of Gotland today. “We have been informed that the fire is limited in size and that the firefighting effort is ongoing. There are no reports of injuries. Passengers are being cared for,” Stefan Elfstrom, a spokesman for the Stena line, said. Line, said.

The Stena Scandica ferry moves at sea in 2021. Photo: Stena Line.

Stena Scandica ferry moving at sea in 2021. Photo: Line rock.

The Swedish Maritime Administration said smoke was still rising, but firefighters found no sign of the fire. Three helicopters and seven lifeboats have been deployed to the scene, and the evacuation of passengers is underway.

Swedish media reported that Stena Scandica was making the journey from the port of Ventspils in Latvia to the port of Nynashamn in Sweden.

Vu Anh (Theo AFP)

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