Fire truck running on water: Pumping nearly 5,000 liters per minute to put out fires both on land and offshore

The special fire truck can do both on the ground and in the water

Fire Rescue WaterCar is designed to fight fires both on land and on water. This Jeep-like vehicle is equipped with a nozzle that can pump nearly 4,800 liters of water per minute.

Vehicles can switch from running on land to “wading” in “less than 3 seconds”. On the road, Fire Rescue WaterCar has a top speed of 105 km/h and in the water can reach a top speed of 72.5 km/h.

Approved by the US Coast Guard, meeting the criteria of a marine firefighting vessel, the vehicle can operate at sea, but needs to be cleaned after every saltwater wading trip.

The price of the vehicle was not announced, but an amphibious vehicle without a fire hydrant costs about $198,000.

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