Former GOT7 member is at high risk of being ‘locked down’

With more and more Chinese male stars being exposed for wrongdoing and suspicious behavior, fans are starting to worry that their idols will be the next to have their contracts canceled and blacklisted. . And former GOT7 member – Vuong Gia Nhi – is said to be likely to fall into this list after rumors that he was involved in the Ly Dich Phong scandal. A video is going viral on Chinese social media and in this video, Wong Kar-er’s fans are begging the idol to “don’t ruin his reputation”.

Although the 28-year-old former GOT7 member has not yet responded to the clip, it seems that his fans are having reason to worry. On Tuesday (September 20), a netizen who claimed to be working for a television station said that the broadcaster received instructions to remove all content related to Wang.

However, this person’s claim is still questionable because Wong’s programs are still searchable on the station’s platform. But that’s not the only thing that makes netizens think that the idol’s career is in jeopardy.

Previously, a brand was rumored to announce Wong Kar-er as their ambassador but ended up giving the position to Chinese actor Zhou Yilong. That has led netizens to speculate that Vuong Gia Nhi has been turned away by this brand because of bad rumors.

Another netizen also shared that she could barely find Wong Kar-er-related content anymore when she searched for him on a familiar search engine she still uses.

So is it the end for Wong Kar-Wai? The singer’s cryptic posts also seem to allude to rumors:

Rumor has it that Vuong Gia Nhi’s previous projects will not be scrapped for now, but he still has a “high risk” of being sealed.

Meanwhile, the Chinese media also said that Wang has “escaped” the Chinese market and is shifting the focus of his career to other countries. Even for his new album, Wong is said to only promote it overseas.

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