Former US intelligence agent worked as a hacker for the UAE

Three former US intelligence officers admitted to participating in UAE cyberattacks against enemies and adversaries.

Marc Baier, 49 years old; Ryan Adams, 34 years old; and Daniel Gericke, 40, three former US intelligence officers, on September 14 agreed to pay $ 1.7 million in fines, money they earned as hackers for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). . They are accused of violating U.S. export control laws, computer fraud, and illegally accessing other people’s computers. The federal district court in Alexandria, Virginia, agreed to a three-year deferral of prosecution in this case.

Illustration of a person working in front of a computer based on binary code and hacker words.  Graphics: Reuters.

Two people working in front of a computer. Graphics: Reuters.

The three defendants worked in the US intelligence community, including the national security agency and the military. According to the Justice Department, they worked for an American company that provided cyber intelligence operations to the UAE government in a manner consistent with US regulations.

In 2016, they moved to another higher paying job at a UAE government affiliated company DarkMatter and started carrying out cyber-attacks on a specified target, including a server at America.

The US Justice Department said it had unauthorized access to tens of millions of smartphones and mobile devices. Specific goals are not mentioned. But the media reports that the targets are located at home and abroad, with the main method being to upload malicious software, exploit software and hardware vulnerabilities to break into and gain control of servers, phones as well as computers. other digital devices.

In addition to fines, the three defendants were also banned from accessing classified information, from joining the US intelligence community and from hacking the Internet.

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