Former White House press secretary reveals Melania Trump’s reaction to the Capitol Hill riots

Former White House press secretary revealed Melania Trump's reaction to the Capitol Hill riots - Photo 1.

Mrs. Stephanie Grisham – Photo: New York Times

Insiders said Grisham’s revelations about his time working for Mr. Trump were not very good.

By page Politico“Grisham has secrets about Mr. Trump that even the former first lady didn’t know about, because those were secrets he didn’t want his wife to know,” said a source in the publishing world, who asked not to be named. In spite of Politico without saying what those secrets are, the relationship between the Trumps and his wife has long intrigued outsiders.

In addition, the book also recounts first lady Melania’s reaction to the riots on Capitol Hill, after which Grisham resigned from the White House. Grisham is the first senior Trump administration official to resign following the riots.

Follow PoliticoAccording to the book, when rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6, Grisham texted Melania to ask if she wanted to tweet that peaceful protest is every American’s right, but there’s no room for it. lawlessness and violence?

Minutes later, the first lady replied “No”.

Follow Politico, the book said that Mrs. Melania supported her husband’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen and that was why she did not invite Jill Biden, the wife of Mr. Biden, the winner of the US presidential election. The White House has a traditional tea party.

Mr. Trump’s representative has not yet commented on the information Politico tell. As for Melania Trump, her spokeswoman said the claims made by former press secretary Grisham in the book were untrue.

“The intent behind this book is clear. The author attempts to profit after a poor performance as a press secretary, unsuccessful personal relationships and unprofessional conduct. in the White House. Through her misdeeds and betrayals, she sought to make money from Mrs. Trump.”

Stephanie Grisham is the spokeswoman for the first lady of the United States and a longtime confidant of former President Donald Trump. She worked as the White House press secretary from July 2019 to April 2020. During this period, she continued in the role of top aide to Melania Trump.

Grisham is the only press secretary who has never held a press conference, choosing instead to appear on conservative networks pro-Trump.

The book is called I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House (rough translation: I will answer you: I witnessed what was in the Trump White House) is expected to be released on 5-10.


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