France faces the double peak of Omicron and Delta in January 2022

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to explode in France. French politics also became active after the “vaccine card” bill to strengthen restrictive measures was suddenly opposed by the opposition. Meanwhile, scientists warn France will face a double epidemic peak caused by Delta and Omicron variations.

According to the French Public Health Agency, the number of Covid-19 cases yesterday (January 4) continued to reach a new record with more than 271,600 cases. The number of people hospitalized increased to more than 20,000 cases, of which nearly 3,700 were in intensive care.

In the context of the increasingly tense epidemic, the government’s proposed “vaccine card” bill was suddenly rejected by the French National Assembly due to opposition from the opposition “Republicans” party. According to the opposition, the bill “vaccine card” to force people who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated needs to be revised, raising the age of application from 16 years old instead of 12 as originally proposed.

Speaking to the National Assembly, French Prime Minister Jean Castex criticized the politically motivated actions of the “Republicans” party in the context that the presidential election is less than four months away.

“This is a political move to discourage discussion. This is an irresponsible act. We are racing against time because the virus is increasing rapidly. Yet you prevent this.”

Reply to newspaper The Parisians (Le Parisien), French President Emmanuel Macron said he would do everything to minimize social activities of those who have not been vaccinated.

Professor Alain Fischer, chairman of the French Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council, believes that France will experience a double peak in January 2022. The Delta variant will cause most of the severe illness and increase the number of people requiring special treatment; while the Omicron variant explodes the number of infections, “filling” the hospitals but to a lesser extent like a common disease. The booster vaccine will play an important role against the above virus variants.

Professor of virology Bruno Lina, a member of the French Scientific Council, said that Omicron could offer hope because it has very different characteristics compared to previous variants, especially the way it is transmitted in people who have been vaccinated. .

“There is a biological change. In vaccinated people, this variant causes infection mainly in the upper respiratory tract, but is less harmful in the lower respiratory tract. This could be an important sign in the evolution of the virus into a virus that is less dangerous and similar to common viruses,” said Professor Bruno Lina.

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