French medical staff in danger of being attacked, becoming victims of violence

However, in addition to professional and health pressures when the number of patients increases and medical facilities are overloaded, medical staff in many places also face mental pressure when they have to accept threats and criticism. In France, the condition is so common that the medical community has formed a collective to denounce the threats they face.

Dr. Jerome Marty, President of the Association of Independent Doctors Against the French Threats, said: “This is the first time that a collective of scientists and doctors has been formed to denounce the dangers they face, threats of attack. For months now, some of us have received frequent threats, be it through social media, by email, by phone, or even by parcels sent to our homes.“.

French medical staff in danger of being attacked, becoming victims of violence - Photo 1.

Healthcare workers in France face threats of attack in many forms. (Photo: AP)

According to Marty, health workers often disseminate scientific knowledge and advise people to social distance, wear masks and get vaccinated. Many residents opposed to these measures reacted radically and threatened medical staff.

What’s more worrisome is that those subjects don’t just stop with threats. Healthcare workers fear becoming victims of violence. Many French doctors said they received threats “several times a day” and had to hire bodyguards.

According to French doctors, respecting the right to freedom of speech does not mean that they must accept words that are mentally abusive and risk physical violence.

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