Friendship is like good tea: Light but not pale, fragrant but not pungent, gentle but extremely intoxicating


The day he met Lam in the supermarket, Lam was with his family choosing to buy things for the baby that was about to be born. Lam and I stood right on the shelf, talked for a while, then discovered that we haven’t seen each other for more than 3 years.

I remember the day before, we still met each other to go to coffee from time to time, asking about each other’s situation. Now, just opening Facebook, scrolling through the newsfeed is enough to read all the latest updates of the opponent. With the help of technology, communication became easier, making us feel as if we had never lost touch with each other.

It’s not just me and Lam, but it seems that we are all relying too much on finding out the current situation of our friends through social media, and gradually reducing the opportunity to meet each other in person.

Friendship is like delicious tea: Light but not pale, fragrant but not pungent, gentle but extremely intoxicating - Photo 1.

What makes me feel extremely happy is that after all these years, Lam and I can still talk to each other. The two of them talked so hard that they forgot they were in public, just like that hihi haha ​​laughed. Even in the end, Lam’s family had to speak up to say goodbye, and before leaving, they didn’t forget to make another appointment to continue talking.

Perhaps, these are true friends. Although they haven’t seen each other for a long time, their relationship is not affected by time or distance, and as long as they are close to each other without seeing each other for a long time, the feeling of intimacy and warmth is still there. This is probably also the common feeling of those who are responding to the recent trend of showing off you are hot on social networks. Just find a picture of the old days when you first started playing, compare with now to see the change – friendship is going through time together like that.


Uyen – a friend I know has a very close friend named Tam. Not long ago, Tam had a boyfriend, because she was busy in love, so for a long time, Tam and Uyen did not contact each other.

Uyen thought that from now on the two would become “hi-bye” friends, roughly understood as the type of friends who had just met for a couple of minutes and then said hello to each other, but suddenly one night, Uyen suddenly received a call from Tam, see you at the riverside park.

When Uyen arrived, she saw Tam sitting on a bench crying bitterly. Uyen patted her for a while and then gave a tissue to Tam, then Tam sobbed and said: 2 weeks ago, Tam came home to meet her boyfriend’s house, her boyfriend’s mother thought that Tam was too small, afraid of affecting the genes of her children. later should strongly oppose the marriage of both. Due to pressure from the family, Tam’s boyfriend broke up with Tam over the phone in the night.

Tam said, at that time, she felt extremely helpless and lonely. She turned on the phone, looked at the long list of contacts, but didn’t know who to call.

And she remembers Uyen.

Just like that, Uyen sat down next to Tam, listened to Tam lament about her ex-boyfriend and his family, kept talking back and forth, the two confided until dawn without feeling tired.

Friendship is like good tea: Light but not pale, fragrant but not pungent, gentle but extremely intoxicating - Photo 2.

There is such a kind of friendship, it is a friendship where you and your partner each have their own lives, busy with their own plans, but just suddenly remembering each other, you can find each other only. with a phone call or a text, even without a reason. You guys don’t feel pressured to “annoy” each other and that person is someone you can see whenever you want.


Every time I go to a restaurant, I see customers at the table holding a glass of wine or beer, holding each other’s shoulders, calling each other brothers, constantly flattering each other, saying good things about each other, in my heart I think, this is not yet. must have been a beautiful friendship.

Just like in the past years, whenever I meet a new friend, I will do my best to please him, choose my words carefully and be extremely polite and polite to him. On the surface, we seem to have a pretty friendly relationship, but in reality, our words don’t always reach each other’s hearts.

After all, the best friendship is that even when you reveal your true thoughts to the other person, you don’t have to worry about whether you should say it or not, your words will hurt anything. opponent or not. If you are a real friend, why would you hate or leave you just because of a sentence you say or an unconscious action you do?

I once read somewhere in the newspaper about the friendship of a couple of famous MCs who are both U70s now. When asked about the secret to maintaining this close friendship, one of them revealed that when they meet each other, they are very direct, there is no preamble, no formality, the two always go straight to the door. topics to talk about and both are the type of people who have something to say.

Our friendship is a friendship that you normally never remember, but will never fall into oblivion.”the person added.

True friends are like that, you don’t have to please the other side, you don’t need to carefully guess what the other person is thinking, because you know that no matter what you do, the other person will not leave you. Even if your status changes, even if your status is different, the two of you will not take it as a distance, never turning your back on each other.

Friendship is like good tea: Light but not pale, fragrant but not pungent, gentle but very intoxicating - Photo 3.


Over the years, the friends around us also change one after another, but there are always a few close friends, friends who will usually only appear in “Likes” on Facebook, Instagram but rarely. meeting. Yet once you meet each other, you can still have a lively conversation without any obstacles, and the feeling of harmony never seems to go away.

Some people say that friendship is like good tea, light but not pale, fragrant but not pungent, everything is gentle enough but extremely intoxicating.

True friendship is that you can read my heart, I can also guess your thoughts. Even if we are silent, neither you nor I feel embarrassed or ashamed. If I’m wrong, I don’t need to fear that you will misunderstand. And every difference between us can be turned into a joke without fear of either feeling sorry or offended.

The closer friends are, the more they talk freely. Only this natural, unconventional relationship can be long and strong. Hope you also have yourself a friend like that – a friend who can share all the joys and sorrows with you in life, a friend who will accompany you on the long and wide path of life.

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