From September 1, when sending goods on passenger cars, you must provide at least 5 information

Until now, sending goods via passenger car is an extremely convenient service, but goods sent via passenger car are very difficult to control.

No paperwork or delivery procedures, cheap prices, fast transit time, so the form of consignment on passenger cars is increasingly being chosen by more and more people.

It is convenient, but this form has many disadvantages. For example, among the consigned goods, there may be flammable and explosive goods. According to the authorities, this is also one of the causes of the recent car fires.

Packages are carefully packed, no need to ask what the item is to send, no need for a receipt, just the recipient’s phone number written on the package, the box was quickly loaded into the car.

Sending and receiving goods on passenger buses is very simple, mainly based on the reputation of the bus operator and oral agreement between the two parties, not subject to any constraints in terms of procedures, invoices and documents. Very few drivers carefully check the consigned goods. Therefore, many people dealing in explosives have hidden their goods in their luggage.

This fact shows that the management of delivery and consignment of goods on passenger means of transport is still loose.

In order to control this activity, the Government has just issued Decree 47/2022 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree 10/2020 on business and conditions for transport business by car.

Accordingly, the passenger transport business unit, driver, service staff on the vehicle (if any) when receiving consigned goods by car (the consignor does not follow the vehicle) must request the consignor to provide Fully and accurately provide 5 information including: name of goods, full name, address, ID card/CCCD number, contact phone number of sender and recipient. For the weight of the goods may or may not be required.

This Decree takes effect from September 1, 2022.

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