Future mobility stories: Need ‘solutions for every journey’

The increasing demands of consumers, along with the differences in weather and climate in each locality… make the travel experience more and more personalized and guaranteed continuously by Comprehensive solutions from businesses.

It’s time for a solution for mobility

In recent years, businesses in the field of mobility have also begun to focus more on developing solutions, aiming to personalize the customer experience on every journey. While car manufacturers provide a variety of car models to suit the different needs of consumers… the tire companies also do not forget to optimize the experience for the steering wheel.

In addition to providing a variety of tire products suitable for each model, professional tire and vehicle care and maintenance centers have also been born with many services to improve the experience for drivers. .

Typically, the service models of Bridgestone’s Travel Tire Service Center (Premium B-select, B-select, B-shop) and Bridgestone’s Tire & Bus Service Center (BTTC, Fleetpoint) have long been used. Many drivers consider it an ideal rendezvous for tire care and maintenance with a comfortable waiting area, modern machinery and equipment and well-trained and professional technical staff by experts. in the tire industry.

Future moving story: Need 'solution for every journey' - Photo 1.

Premium B-select and B-select, Bridgestone’s chain of premium touring tire service centers

Solutions from the world’s leading tire brand

As one of the businesses aiming for sustainable development with a tight roadmap, Bridgestone always focuses on sustainability in its development strategy. Recently, Bridgestone Vietnam officially introduced the new brand message “Solutions for your journey”.

The new brand message and the change in brand identity are part of Bridgestone’s constant transformation in the phase of entering a new era of development with diverse, quality tire products, with advanced and comprehensive mobility support solutions. “Solutions for your journey” also represents Bridgestone’s long-term vision to 2050 in its commitment to bring value to customers and society as a business that is and will provide sustainable solutions, contributing into the advancement of society by careful, confident and creative steps.

Future moving story: Need 'solution for every journey' - Photo 2.

Bridgestone Logo with New Brand Message “Solutions for your journey”

In Vietnam, Bridgestone provides a wide range of quality tire products, including tourist tires such as Turanza, Alenza, Dueler, Ecopia and Potenza, truck and bus tires such as M840, R150, R118, besides a number of tires for industrial vehicles, sports motorcycles and special tires used in ports and mines.

With advanced technology and continuous improvement, Bridgestone is committed to providing a wide range of tire products and services of outstanding quality to meet the needs of distributors and consumers.

In addition to providing quality products, at Bridgestone, safety is also the business value of the group. Bridgestone regularly organizes courses and training programs on tire care and maintenance for distributors with the hope that through partners, Bridgestone will bring a safe journey for users.

Not stopping there, with safety campaigns with different messages, Bridgestone has been and continues to raise awareness about road traffic safety, making efforts to contribute to building a safer community in Vietnam. .


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