Galaxy S20 screen has a mysterious error again

Theo Android Police, last year, a series of reports showed that the Galaxy S20 screen started to appear green stripes and had display lines running through it. Things slowly got worse over time as the screen just went all white with green rendering the phone unusable as nothing else appeared on the screen. This error is known as the blue screen of death.

Galaxy S20 screen has a mysterious error again - photo 1

A Galaxy S20 with a screen issue with a pink stripe shared by a user

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Now, less than a year later, another screen issue appears to be affecting some Galaxy S20 phones. This information was reported by some users of Twitter, Reddit, and Samsung customer forums, where pink or green stripes ran across the screen of their Galaxy S20 phones.

Many of those who encountered the problem noted that it occurred within a few days after they updated their phone’s software. However, there have been some reported crashes since August 2021, while some have had issues in recent weeks. So it’s unclear whether this particular error could stem from a software update or something inside the hardware.

The display of defective pixels on OLED screens is not unheard of. Usually when a new phone is first released, some defective device passes through the quality check, or maybe the damage caused by impact. But neither seems likely here as the Galaxy S20 is more than two years old, and reports surfaced from many users.


One lucky Galaxy S20 owner got his screen repaired for free by Samsung last year, but most of the others are being left out because their warranty period has expired and face hefty bills. when replacing the screen.

The issue this time seems to be different from last year’s blue screen of death and raises questions about the longevity of Samsung screens. This is a very worrying detail because many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are using screens from the Korean electronics company.

At the moment, Samsung has not yet commented on the new screen problem that appeared on the Galaxy S20.

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