Gas Station Simulator achieves impressive success on Steam

Steam has always had a lot of titles that appeal to all different audiences from AAA first-person shooters to simulation games. Launched on September 15, 2021, Gas Station Simulator has achieved impressive success when attracting a large number of gamers. Running a gas station in the desert doesn’t seem like the most exciting pitch for a hit game. However, Gas Station Simulator offers that experience quite accurately and has achieved quite a good record on Steam.
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Just released a few days ago, Gas Station Simulator quickly reached 5,619 concurrent players and then 7,380. That doesn’t sound like much compared to the more than 140,000 players who recently participated in Amazon’s New World title on the day it opened beta. However, this result is quite impressive for a simulation game and not much marketing.
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When entering Gas Station Simulator, players will buy a “Dust Bowl” gas station that is selling well in the desert. Their mission is to repair it and turn the derelict shack into a thriving business. After cleaning, repairing the building, and getting everything up and running, players begin their quest to help customers and expand their business. But it’s not all flashy business decisions, as the game also simulates the more mundane aspects of gas station operations from stocking fuel and goods to sweeping at the end of the day.
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Gas Station Simulator is Drago Entertainment’s second full release, the first being the Treasure Hunter Simulator from 2018. The older game takes players to exotic locations in search of ancient artifacts. Based on Steam reviews, it’s a great game for real-life metal detectors but doesn’t seem to deliver the simulation experience many players are looking for. However, Gas Station Simulator does not seem to have that problem when it comes to receiving “very positive” user review ratings on Steam. Developers also seem to have found their niche, with upcoming titles like Road Diner Simulator and Food Truck Simulator.

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As for Gas Station Simulator, the game has both a demo and a free opening sequence for gamers to experience before buying. The prologue, Gas Station Simulator: Early Days, focuses on the repair and reopening of the derelict Dust Bowl gas station. Meanwhile, the demo will skip the previous part for players to experience the day-to-day operations of running a fully functional Dust Bowl gas station. The entire game is also 10% off until September 22, giving potential players another incentive to try it out.


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