General Mark Milley: Afghanistan could have a civil war

General Mark Milley: Afghanistan may have a civil war - Photo 1.

Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley – Photo: REUTERS

In a September 4 interview, Fox News asked Milley if the US was safer after the complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.This opinion is that it is too early to answer this question.

“My prediction from a military perspective is… this situation has the potential to evolve into a civil war. I don’t know if the Taliban will consolidate power and establish a government,” Mr. Milley said.

Mr. Milley was also concerned that terrorist organizations could take advantage of the chaotic situation in Afghanistan to cause trouble.

“I think there is a high probability of a wider civil war. This will facilitate the rise of al-Qaeda, the growth of ISIS (the Islamic State extremist organization) or more. other terrorist organizations,” Milley told Fox News.

“You could see the rise of terrorism beyond this region over the next 12, 24 or 36 months. We will continue to monitor that situation,” he added.

In addition, Milley also stressed that maintaining US security and intelligence gathering in the region will be more difficult, when the US is no longer officially present in Afghanistan.

“We’re going to have to reset some of our human intelligence networks. We’re going to have to continue to conduct offensive operations if there’s a threat to the United States,” Milley said.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said his nation will continue to fight terrorism based on military air strikes, rather than deploying missions on the ground.

Discussing this issue, Mr. Milley said that this is a “completely doable” option. However, he also noted that they must maintain a high level of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities across the entire region.

Milley is in Germany to thank the US European Command for its efforts to set up temporary shelters for about 30,000 evacuees from Afghanistan to Europe.

US admits there are still citizens stuck in Afghanistan US admits there are still citizens stuck in Afghanistan

TTO – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed many American citizens of Afghan origin are still trapped in Kabul after August 31. Currently, the US is in contact with this group and the Afghans who have worked with it, trying to get them out.


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