Generous mothers-in-law who love their brides like their own daughters

Participating in the program “Mother-in-law of the Bride”, many impressive stories of mother-in-law – daughter-in-law make the audience admire and enjoy. Because not only have a closer and more emotional relationship with their biological children, many mothers-in-law are also extremely generous, ready to do everything for their daughter-in-law.

“Giant” mother-in-law, daughter-in-law every time she gives birth to a grandchild, she gets a reward of 1.5 billion

Mother-in-law Tran Thi Hop (59 years old, Can Tho) and daughter-in-law Nguyen Thi Cam Tien (25 years old) once had a stormy story on social networks that made everyone constantly whisper “please for heaven”. Accordingly, in the show Mother-in-law and Bride, episode 239, Hop said that she did not have many good impressions with her daughter-in-law when she first met. More, As a businesswoman, she values ​​age, so she did not agree to let her two children get married.

Mothers-in-law number 1: Generous, loving brides like biological daughters - Photo 1.

Mother-in-law Tran Thi Hop (left) and daughter-in-law Cam Tien

But after seeing that the children truly love each other, Ms. Hop still decided to hold a wedding according to the “left step” custom: When the groom’s family gets married, the girl’s family gets married, while the groom’s family gets married, the girl’s family goes up. like a guest, not a bride, giving a lamp or betel nut. Although the wedding ceremony is different, Cam Tien’s daughter-in-law said: “I don’t feel sad or sorry. My mother brought me a lot of gold. Live music played the whole day, gold rings for the family because they are not old”. Not to mention when she returned to be a bride, Cam Tien was also taken care of by her mother-in-law, giving money to study and do business.

“My mother sent me to school, gave me business capital, … many times failed, but my mother still believed in creating conditions for me. Since the birth of the second child, the third child, the mother-in-law gave a “hot” bonus to each child. 5 billion. The jewelry on the wearer is also given by the mother-in-law, with a diamond ring costing 4.2 billion.”, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law share. In addition, Cam Tien also revealed that her mother-in-law is a supporter of plastic surgery and beauty refurbishment to keep her husband. This mother-in-law – daughter-in-law also sometimes shoots funny clips on social networks, the relationship is very close that many people admire.

Mother-in-law number 1: Generous, loving brides like biological daughters - Photo 2.

The relationship between mother and daughter is very affectionate and close

Staying in an inn and marrying the innkeeper’s son, the daughter-in-law is loved by her mother-in-law more than her own child

When she was a student, Nguyen Tran Yen (24 years old) used to rent a room at the house of Ms. Pham Thi Minh Cam (64 years old) – now her mother-in-law. Tran Yen shared, at first, she felt a bit scared because Ms. Cam exuded a serious demeanor. Meanwhile, Ms. Cam’s impression of Yen is very good. In her eyes, Yen is small, pretty, cute and polite. Knowing that Yen’s family has many children, it is also difficult and hard, she only takes half of the rent.

Realizing that her son had feelings for Yen, Ms. Cam immediately supported her. After 1 year, the couple should be married, the mother-in-law loves her daughter-in-law more than her own child, always giving many compliments. Not to mention that since becoming a bride, Tran Yen rarely has to cook or wash dishes because her mother-in-law does everything.

Mothers-in-law number 1: Generous, loving brides like biological daughters - Photo 3.

Ms. Cam and daughter-in-law Tran Yen

Yen’s temperament is gentle, obedient, one thing mother, two things mother. My sister-in-law is a few years older than Yen, but I always have one thing ‘second sister’, two things ‘second sister’. Yen takes care of her mother with these things. It’s a simple act, but it makes a mother very emotional and heartwarming.

There was a year when I was sick, at that time Yen was nothing, just a friend of Dat, but she took me to the hospital, then came back to take care of me, cook, bring me food. Now, from time to time, I massage, do facials, cut nails and toenails for my mother. I feel like I have another daughter. Mother and daughter have many things in common, especially eating. Whenever Yen cooks rice, I cook whatever mom likes.”Ms. Cam happily shared about her daughter-in-law.

Unemployed daughter-in-law, pregnant before marriage, mother-in-law “invested” 200 million for vocational training

The “legendary mother-in-law” is Ms. Le Thu Huong (48 years old), and the lucky bride is Khong Thuy Vi (24 years old). Married since the age of 19, but so far, Vi expressed: “I’m very happy to be my mother’s daughter-in-law, so I often joke with my friends and say: “If you know that, get married earlier so that you can be my mother’s child sooner.”.

Mothers-in-law #1: Generous, loving brides like their own daughters - Photo 4.

Thuy Vi has been married for 5 years now

Sharing about her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy before the wedding, Ms. Huong said: “My son is still young, so when I announced that my girlfriend was pregnant, I was shocked. The children are too young, but then I thought, let’s just add more people. I also said to my daughter-in-law: “If you ask me if I support you to get married so soon? Then my answer is no. But it’s already gone, don’t worry, your job is to do what. Mom is healthy, the baby is fine, and I take care of everything“.

Currently, Thuy Vi has been married to Ms. Huong for 5 years and has a baby over 4 years old. At the beginning of the wedding, the bride lived in the same house with her mother-in-law but was very happy and harmonious. Until now, when she moved to live separately, Thuy Vi said that her mother-in-law was still worried and concerned: “My mother often transfers money to me, the couple has moved out, but now the electricity and water bills are all “ting ting” for all, the couple don’t have to worry about anything.”.

Mothers-in-law number 1: Generous, loving brides like biological daughters - Photo 5.

Having 2 sons, Huong loves her daughter-in-law like a daughter, always affectionate and has a clear way to teach her children so that the two sisters-in-law can get along and love each other.

Especially when the baby was 3 years old, Thuy Vi was given 200 million by her mother-in-law to study makeup. Although Thuy Vi felt that she had bothered her mother-in-law too much and offered to switch to a less expensive course, Ms. Thu Huong encouraged and did ideological work so that her daughter-in-law could feel secure in pursuing her passion.

Mother-in-law accepts her daughter-in-law has a husband and 3 children of her own

There are few cases like the family of Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh and her daughter-in-law Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam (33 years old). At the age of U60, Hanh Nguyen’s mother-in-law is still very “smug”, also known as a hot TikToker with millions of views. But in complete contrast, Thanh Tam’s daughter-in-law is quite timid.

Sharing her special story, her mother-in-law said: “Daughter-in-law has a husband and three children with her previous husband. At first, I also felt sad for my son because a woman after having a child will love him more than her husband. The more children I have, the more love I have for them, the less my daughter-in-law’s love for my son. But I still accept, even though my relatives hold a grudge, tI wonder why my son, a virgin, married a wife who has been married with three children.”.

Mothers-in-law number 1: Generous, loving brides like biological daughters - Photo 6.

U60’s mother-in-law is always tolerant of her daughter-in-law’s past

Not only that, the treatment of Hanh Nguyen’s mother-in-law with her step-daughter-in-law also makes many people admire. U60’s mother-in-law shared many times when she remembered that her grandchildren still went to the family’s house to visit. On any occasion, Ms. Hanh also brought her daughter-in-law’s daughter along because she understood that children away from their mothers would be very pitiful.

Not only tolerant of her daughter-in-law’s past, Hanh Nguyen’s mother-in-law also pampers her to the fullest. Thanh Tam admits: “When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law didn’t allow me to do anything, all day cooking carp porridge to feed, and my mother washed all the clothes.”

“I can have an erection with anyone, but in my family, I can easily go into the water before my daughter-in-law. I also sternly taught my daughter-in-law, “If you are angry with your husband, you can go to my mother’s room to sleep, my mother always welcomes me.” children, but don’t leave your parents’ home, unintentionally making your parents more confused, especially when you’ve been broken once.”“National” mother-in-law said.

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