Genetica strategic partnership with ABBANK

Gene sequencing is increasingly common in developed and developing countries. In addition to pedigree DNA testing, genetic tests today reveal a wealth of information regarding a person’s lifestyle, behavioral intelligence, and personalized health risks. Genetica is a pioneer in developing and owning the copyright technology of genetic decoding for Asians combined with artificial intelligence (AI).

Genetica strategic cooperation with ABBANK - photo 1

Genetica and ABBANK have just signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Specifically, the strategic cooperation between Genetica and ABBANK brings solutions to customers for health care, lifestyle enhancement and disease prevention right from the genetics. This is a step in the roadmap of expanding the ecosystem to improve the quality of life for the community in general and ABBANK’s customers in particular.


Mr. Cao Anh Tuan, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Genetica shared: “Genetica is honored to cooperate with ABBANK in bringing genetic decoding services to a wide range of customers in Vietnam. With a nationwide network and a team of professional and dedicated consultants, we believe that ABBANK will be an effective bridge for Genetica’s genetic decoding service to be accessible to a large customer base of the bank. , with the best service cost”.

Genetica is a US-based genetic engineering company, located in San Francisco and started operating in Vietnam in 2018. Genetica’s lab is holding CLIA, CAP certifications, which are the most stringent certifications. in the United States for genetic testing laboratories. The results of the report are evaluated by a team of scientists from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, California San Francisco, Cornell.

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