Germany opposes European Union’s ban on gas imports from Russia

Germany opposes the European Union's ban on gas imports from Russia - Photo 1.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck – Photo: REUTERS

“We have to cut all economic ties with Russia, but right now, we can’t cut off gas supplies. We need more time,” Mr. Lindner said during talks with partners in the region. Euro in Luxembourg.

So far, Berlin has resisted calls to impose a ban on energy imports from Russia. Minister Lindner said cutting off gas supplies from Russia would do more damage to the EU than to Moscow.

According to Reuters news agency, Mr. Lindner suggested that instead of a general ban on energy imports with Russia, the EU could separate into a ban on each item of oil, coal and gas.

Russia supplies about 40% of Europe’s gas needs.

Meanwhile, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said he opposed an immediate ban on fossil fuel imports with Russia.

“We are working every day to create the preconditions and steps towards an embargo,” Habeck said at a press conference on April 4.

Earlier, on April 3, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that the EU should discuss the issue of stopping Russian gas imports, raising hopes that Germany is rethinking its opposition to the import ban. energy.

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