Gift baskets to thank the worker ‘warriors’

Gift baskets to thank the worker warriors - Photo 1.

The “gratitude gift baskets” were given to the workers of Ho Chi Minh City Urban Environment Company Limited on the morning of September 2 – Photo: NGOC PHONG

September 2 morning, representative Youth and businesses accompanying the program “Gift baskets of gratitude” gave 1,000 gifts to urban environmental workers in Ho Chi Minh City as a thank you for shouldering the work. this hard work.

The “back cover” people in the middle of the epidemic season

As the city struggles day and night against the COVID-19 epidemic, the two words “positive” are always an existential worry. Putting aside that worry, the sanitation workers are still hard at work day and night. Among those brave “soldiers”, many were exposed to COVID-19 during their work.

Urban Environment One Member Limited Liability Company is the main unit to handle a large amount of waste generated from most COVID-19 isolation and treatment facilities in Ho Chi Minh City. Over the past time, the team of workers has always maintained 100% of the staff to collect, transport and treat this type of hazardous waste.

In the early morning of September 2, the sound of brooms rustling, the sound of pushing barrels still resounded throughout the roads, because the environmental “warriors” never stopped working every day. They work hard day and night “cleaning the street, beautifying the road”. During the epidemic season, going out means an increased risk of infection, especially for those who work as garbage collectors in isolation areas and field hospitals.

Every day at 3am, trucks carrying environmental workers go to collect garbage. A journey of more than 200km throughout the city to collect tens of tons of waste in isolation areas and hospitals. The COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated, and the work pressure with the workforce is increasingly piling up.

Gift baskets to thank the worker warriors - Photo 2.

The “gratitude gift baskets” were given to the workers of Ho Chi Minh City Urban Environment Company Limited on the morning of September 2 – Photo: NGOC PHONG

Spiritual fire

Director of Urban Environment Company Huynh Minh Nhut said that the risk as well as the number of infections in the community is increasing, more than 100 workers have unfortunately been exposed to COVID-19. Among them, 1 worker died, leaving 2 underage children.

“During the past time, the workers have never been burdened, always tried to fulfill their duties on each route. To encourage the unfortunate workers to be infected, the company’s Union has supported each and every worker. For the case of death due to COVID-19, we also support the family, taking care of 2 children until they grow up,” said Nhut.

On the frontline, the team of doctors is working hard to protect lives by treating and caring for the sick, while on the rear front, the environmental workers are joining hands to keep the environment clean, especially in hospitals. isolation and treatment facilities.

Currently, in order to avoid stagnation of garbage, causing the risk of cross-infection in the isolation area, the Urban Environment Company has organized a standing team of more than 300 workers, operating with a frequency of 3 shifts/ day, 24 hours. In order to ensure the safety of workers, the company has also equipped personal protective equipment and trained the principles and regulations on epidemic prevention in each area and working location. In the past time, the company has always followed the rule “1 road, 2 destinations”, 80% of workers have received the 2nd injection.

To fuel the morale of the workers, representatives of the newspaper Youth gave 1,000 gift baskets of gratitude on the morning of September 2, right before they were busy starting a new working day.

“Gratitude gift basket” is a special activity in the program “Gratitude in epidemic season” by the newspaper Youth, Saigon Co.op and e-commerce platform Shopee cooperate to implement. Gift baskets including: rice, cooking oil, fish sauce provided by Saigon Co.op are being sold on Shopee app for 145,000 VND/gift basket.

Holding a gift bag in their hands, the workers could not hide their joy and emotion, some people rushed to ask their colleagues to take pictures for them to send home, others hurriedly put them away to prepare for work.

Mr. Vo Thanh Sang, captain of a COVID-19 waste collection team, quietly took pictures of his colleagues’ happy moments from afar. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen everyone so happy. Today is probably a very special holiday for us. Happy because of the spiritual meaning of the gift. To be able to contribute a part to the prevention of COVID-19- 19 is our special responsibility. Extreme but in our hearts we have the joy of working, contributing to the fight against the epidemic, ourselves, our families and the whole society are safe “- Mr. Sang shared.

Give 100 medicine bags to F0 to treat at home

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Representatives of the program “Saigon loves each other” with 100 bags of medicine for F0 were also given to workers being treated for COVID-19 – Photo: NP

Receiving information about COVID-19 exposure cases at the company, in order to accompany environmental workers to overcome difficulties and epidemics, also on September 2, the Youth also cooperated with the program “Saigon loves each other” to give 100 bags of medicine to F0 for home health care.

These are drugs of groups A and B in the drug packages for treating F0 patients at home according to the instructions from the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the package also includes hand sanitizer, saline, thermometer T1803, SpO2 meter, medical masks so that F0 workers can safely treat COVID-19 at home.

Unfortunately, infected with COVID-19 from August 27, Ms. To Lan Thuong – a worker of Urban Environment Company (who has been isolated and treated at home) – said: “During the treatment period, the family always receive the attention and encouragement from the company as well as from the colleagues”.

“At first, I was confused, I didn’t know how to buy and take medicine when I was treated at home. I was very pleased to hear that the company had a source to donate the medicine bags, which is a great sharing about the situation. both health and spirit for F0 patients. Just looking forward to a quick recovery to return to work and take care of the community, just like the community has extended its support when we are in difficulty “- Ms. Thuong shared.

The story of the epidemic season

The total number of workers working at Urban Environment Company is currently about 1,900 people, there are 600 people collecting and handling waste related to COVID-19 and 400 people in charge of cremating deceased patients. Each person has a mission, but everyone faces the risk of COVID-19 infection.

In addition to the collection, the treatment and destruction of garbage also faces many pressures and dangers. At medical waste incinerators, with a high temperature of up to 1,000oC, the heat radiated to the outside greatly affects the health of workers. Many people have fainted while working because they have to operate machinery continuously for 12 hours a day in protective clothing that covers from head to toe.

Born in Dong Thap, coming to the city to earn a living and working as a sanitation worker for more than 16 years, Nguyen Anh Phuong (living in Tan Phu district) is the mainstay of his family of 3. He said that although he understood the danger of the epidemic, his responsibility for work was still his top priority.

When the epidemic in the city spread quickly, leaving his wife and 9-year-old daughter at home to be safe, he decided to stay at the company. There are days when he starts working at 4 am, sometimes the work lasts until late at night. In his free time, he always takes advantage of calling home. Not only Mr. Phuong, many of his fellow “green warriors” are also temporarily putting aside their own feelings, working hard in the “war” with COVID-19.

“This epidemic season, patients are fighting the epidemic day by day, doctors and nurses are straining to save patients. We also have the responsibility to support the community, ensure the environment is clean and safe. It’s our job. , my job, I just roll my hands to do it. If I don’t do it, who will do it “- Mr. Phuong expressed.

2,000 gift baskets of gratitude to environmental sanitation workers 2,000 gift baskets of gratitude to environmental sanitation workers

TTO – In the morning of September 2, 1,000 “Gift baskets of gratitude” were handed out to environmental sanitation workers in Ho Chi Minh City with difficult circumstances, helping them to alleviate some of their immediate worries. It is expected that another 1,000 gifts will be given in the following days.


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