Going to get a Covid-19 vaccine, one person won an apartment worth $ 1.4 million

One night before the draw results were announced, Hong Kong’s rate of at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine had reached 69.55% for those aged 12-69. However, the number of injections for the elderly group is still lower.

Sino Group’s charitable foundation – Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation – and developer China Estates Holdings announced in late May that they were sponsoring a lucky draw with the grand prize of a large one-bedroom apartment. 41m2 at Grand Central project in Quan Duong.

  Going to get a Covid-19 vaccine, a person won an apartment worth $ 1.4 million - Photo 1.

On September 8, 20 other prizes were also presented to the people, including a prepaid credit card worth 100,000 HKD/prize. The entire city has the opportunity to receive cash rewards, both holders of work visas in Hong Kong and domestic workers from abroad.

The draw ceremony was witnessed by 2 peace judges Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, Tam Yiu-chung and representatives of Woo Kwan Lee & Lo – the company acting as the legal advisor of the event organizer. this.

Mr. Tam said the program has achieved its main goal. “The lucky draw is a very good opportunity to get more people to get injections,” he said. He believes that the control of the number of infections in the city has stabilized and as vaccination rates increase, this could form the basis for the reopening of the border with mainland China.

In the draw, winners are selected at random by an Ernst & Young computer system, while on-site auditors will select information from the participant’s identity card number and name. family. The first part of the top prize winner’s ID card number is revealed to be Z710 and a phone number ending in 0215. This person will receive SMS and call from the organizers no later than 9/9. . Results will be published on the website.

When the lottery was first launched in May, the city’s vaccination rate was 17.6% for those who got at least one shot and 12.9% for those who had two. As of the evening of September 7, about 7.92 million doses of the vaccine had been administered, with 57% or 4.27 million people having received at least one dose. 48.7% or 3.65 million people are now fully vaccinated. However, the number of people getting their first injection each day is on a downward trend, down to about 15,400 as of Monday from about 30,000 in mid-August.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam noted the trend in a debate with lawmakers on Wednesday. She continued to urge people to quickly get a Covid-19 vaccine. She said: “I’ve said before that we need more than 20,000 people injecting injections a day, to reach the target of 70% by September. However, the number is decreasing to just over 10,000 injections a day. .”

In addition, another HKD 12 million apartment in Quan Dong area will also be awarded in another lucky draw. However, the program will only be rolled out if the city hits its target of 5 million people having had a vaccine by the end of September. Hong Kong’s private sector has so far spent more than HK$190 million on programs. awards, efforts to promote vaccination campaign.

Sales departments, developers, and retail chains have previously donated Tesla cars, iPhones, airline tickets and even gold in response to the government’s call to fuel the nationwide vaccination campaign. city. The reason people in this city hesitate to get injections is the concern about side effects.

Currently, vaccination rates among the city’s elderly are still very low. Only 30.7 per cent of those aged 70 to 79 years had received two shots, while this figure was only 9.2 per cent among those 80 years of age and older. The government has announced plans to launch major vaccination sites for citizens aged 70 and over by the end of July, with 4,600 vaccinations per day at 24 vaccination sites.

Refer to SCMP

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