Guinea army coup, arrests President

Guinea, a country in West Africa, is facing a political crisis when the army declares a coup, arrests the President and dissolves the government.

“After arresting the President, we decided to dissolve the government,” a Guinean army officer standing next to soldiers wearing rifles said in a video sent to AFP news agency today. The person also added that Guinea’s land and air borders have been closed.

However, the actual situation in Guinea remained unclear as the government of President Alpha Conde issued a statement saying that an attack on the presidential palace by special forces had been “repulsed”.

An army vehicle is seen in Kaloum district on September 5.  Photo: Reuters.

An army vehicle is seen in Kaloum district on September 5. Photo: Reuters.

Early this morning, residents in the Kaloum district of the capital Conakry, where government offices are located, said they heard loud gunfire and soldiers appeared on the streets, asking them to return to their homes.

An unnamed Western diplomat working in Conakry said unrest began after a senior commander of the task force was fired, prompting members of the task force to revolt. occupy the presidential palace.

Guinea's army declares coup, arrests President

Video surfaced online showing President Conde appearing to have been captured by the military. Video: YouTube/Elsar Media Production.

The officer wearing dark glasses and a red beret in a video released on the same day said that the military must act because the government is disordered, corrupt and “trampled on civil rights” among other reasons.

Guinea, one of the world’s poorest countries despite its vast mineral resources, has long been beset by political instability. Tensions flared up sharply last year following President Conde’s controversial third-term campaign. The day before the 2020 presidential election, the army blocked the entrance to the Kaloum district after reports of a military uprising east of the capital.

Guinean President Alpha Conde.  Photo: AFP.

Guinean President Alpha Conde. Photo: AFP.

President Conde, 83, escaped death in an assassination attempt in 2011. He won a third term only after passing a new provision in the constitution in March 2020 allowing him to cross the line. two terms of the country.

Dozens of people have been killed in protests against President Conde, mainly from clashes with security forces. Hundreds of people were also arrested.

Conde announced his election as president on November 7, 2020, despite his main opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo and other opposition politicians calling the election a sham.

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