Ha Tinh: The police entered the investigation to verify the teacher’s relationship with the 6th grade female student

According to PV Infonet’s own source, after finishing the 6th grade English tutoring session, Mr. LDC (SN 1980, teacher of a secondary school in Vu Quang town, Ha Tinh province) and Mr. TT (SN 2010), currently studying in Vietnam. 6th grade at this school) did not leave like everyone else but lingered.

Ha Tinh: The police investigated the suspicion that the teacher had a relationship with a 6th grade female student - Photo 1.

Phan Dinh Phung Secondary School, where Mr. C. works

When Mr. C. was having sexual intercourse with TT, a friend returned to the classroom to retrieve his forgotten belongings, so he discovered it and informed his family.

Immediately after receiving the information, the Vu Quang District Police urgently intervened and invited Mr. C. to work to verify the act of having intercourse with the female student. Currently, the authorities are taking the female student for assessment to have grounds for handling according to regulations.

It is known that Mr. Le Dung C. has physical education in Xuan Vien commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh; Currently boarding at this secondary school. As for TT, lives in a commune in Vu Quang district, but his father has a barber shop in Vu Quang town, so he often stays here.

Mr. C, has had 1 wife, and TT is both a student and has a kinship relationship with the ex-husband of Mr. C’s second wife.

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