Hanoi: Car cleaning began to ‘scream’ at millions of dong on the day before Tet

Hanoi: Car cleaning began to scream millions of dong on the day before Tet - Photo 1.

In the early afternoon, the car wash in Ha Dong was busy with cars – Photo: TUAN VI

Starting from the 26th of Tet (February 28, 2022), most car wash facilities in Hanoi city have adjusted service prices. Notably, the price of car washing and interior and exterior care services increased sharply, with an increase ranging from VND 20,000 to VND 200,000 depending on the service.

Car wash price disorder near Tet

According to a survey at a number of car wash facilities in 4 districts of Hanoi, the most expensive car wash in Dong Da district is 120,000 – 150,000 VND/car depending on the car model, with a normal interior and exterior wash package. On weekdays, the car wash here is 80,000 VND/car.

Meanwhile, a car wash in Yen Hoa street, Cau Giay district, charges a car wash price of 80,000 VND for small cars and 100,000 VND for medium sized cars or more. The daily price of this facility is 50,000 VND and 70,000 VND respectively for the above vehicles.

Hanoi: Car cleaning began to scream millions of dong on the day before Tet - Photo 2.

Car wash workers still take advantage of work even though the clock has passed 12:30 pm – Photo: TUAN VI

At most other establishments, the price of car wash ranges from 80,000 – 200,000 VND/car, depending on the car model, an increase of 30,000 – 120,000 VND compared to weekdays. Mid-size or larger MPVs or SUVs have higher car wash prices than sedans or hatchbacks.

Not only have car washes increased in price, but specialized services such as paint care and interior cleaning have also increased sharply compared to normal days.

The owner of a car care facility at Luong The Vinh Street, Nam Tu Liem District, shared that high-end services from the 26th to the 29th of Tet increased by 200,000 VND, for example, cleaning the entire interior of the car increased from 800,000 VND. dong to 1 million dong.

Hanoi: Car cleaning began to scream millions of dong on the day before Tet - Photo 3.

High-end car care services increased sharply, but customers are still satisfied with this price – Photo: TUAN VI

However, there are also places with only slight price increases these days. Mr. Manh Hung, owner of a car wash in Ha Dong district, shared: “Customers who come here are mostly regular customers. If we increase the price sharply, they will have a bad impression and then don’t want to come back. The slight increase in price. only 20,000 VND is a way for me to retain customers for a long time and also have a small bonus in the days approaching Tet.”

The common point of car wash facilities is to clearly list the Tet holiday so that customers can easily refer to it before using the service.

Hanoi: Car cleaning began to scream millions of dong on the day before Tet - Photo 4.

Car wash prices are listed very loud and clear – Photo: TUAN VI

According to observations, the number of cars being washed is not too much on the 26th day of Tet. Mr. Manh Hung said that perhaps partly because it is Friday, partly because customers are still afraid to receive weather forecast information that rain is about to come, so they are still waiting for the specific situation at the end of the new week. wash the car. He predicts that the number of cars to be washed in the last two days will increase dramatically.

Some places are closed, stop serving

Contrary to the bustling car wash facilities, some are closed. An employee of a large car wash and care shop in Trung Van urban area, Nam Tu Liem district, busy cleaning and closing this place, and said that the car wash will stop serving on the 26th of Tet and will open again. The door is back on after Tet.

Similarly, another car care center in Thanh Xuan district also stopped providing services, although it was still open. According to the manager, the reason they don’t wash cars anymore is because they let the workers go home early to celebrate Tet. They worry that if workers return home late, they will have to carry out Covid-19 testing and isolation procedures in accordance with local regulations, then they will not be able to celebrate Tet with their families anymore.

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