Hanoi increases children infected with Adeno virus, requires hospitals to urgently arrange hospital beds

Statistics show that from the end of August until now, out of more than 1,400 cases of adenovirus infection at the National Children’s Hospital, 80% are pediatric patients in districts of Hanoi.

Specifically, from the beginning of the year until now, Hanoi has recorded 1,020 patients positive for Adeno virus, distributed in 30/30 districts, towns, of which there have been 3 deaths in 3 districts. : Tay Ho, My Duc and Phu Xuyen.

Some districts and districts recorded high number of cases such as: Long Bien (147 cases), Ha Dong (87 cases), Nam Tu Liem (82 cases), Hoang Mai (75 cases).

Faced with the increasing number of Adeno virus cases requiring hospitalization, the Hanoi Department of Health requires medical examination and treatment facilities to perform well the work of channeling, infection control, and infection prevention in medical facilities. sick. In case of infection arising in medical examination and treatment establishments, drastic measures must be taken.

In particular, strengthen consultation and directing between hospitals in Hanoi’s health sector in the treatment of patients infected with adeno virus. Severe cases with respiratory failure, sepsis, multi-organ failure… need to be actively consulted, transferred to hospital, transferred to city or central level to ensure patient safety.

The Department of Health also assigned Dong Da General Hospital and Saint Paul General Hospital to continue updating knowledge on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients infected with Adenovirus for units in the industry. Particularly with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Hanoi, the Hanoi Department of Health requires this unit to coordinate with medical examination and treatment facilities in the city, health centers of districts and towns. The commune strengthens surveillance of the disease caused by the Adeno virus, at the same time assesses the situation and the risk of developing an epidemic, and advises the Department of Health to implement prevention and control work in accordance with the conditions of Hanoi.

“Hanoi CDC guides and coordinates with health centers of districts, towns and medical examination and treatment facilities to investigate epidemiology, handle infection chains caused by Adeno virus, to prevent outbreaks, drag for a long time, especially when there is an infection at medical examination and treatment facilities”, the Hanoi Department of Health requested.

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