Hanoi Medical University officially announced the 2022 enrollment scheme: New notes

Hanoi Medical University (University) enrolls students nationwide. The school uses enrollment methods such as using the results of the high school graduation exam with the only combination of B00 (Math, Chemistry, Biology); admission examination combining results of high school graduation exams and foreign language certificates; direct admission. The total target is 1,170 (an increase of 20 targets compared to 2021).

A notable new feature of this year is that, at the main campus (No. 1 Ton That Tung, Hanoi), the University only enrolls nursing students under the advanced program. For this major, the mass program will enroll students at Thanh Hoa branch.

Like in 2021, the Medical and Medical Branch of Thanh Hoa Branch has an additional method of admission in the form of a combination with an international certificate in English or French. The total target for this industry at the main campus is 400, in which, the method of considering the results of the high school graduation exam and the direct admission is 320, the combined consideration is 80. And at Thanh Hoa Branch, the total target of this industry is 110, of which the combined admission method is 20, the rest is direct admission and the results of the high school graduation exam.

For the admission method that combines the foreign language certificate of the General Medicine industry, the required score for receiving applications has also increased compared to 2021. Specifically, for the TOEFL iBT certificate, in 2021 the score level for receiving applications initially 79 – 92 points, this year it is 79 – 93; TOEFL ITP 561-589 points and in 2021 it is 550 – 580 points; The French certificate in 2021 is DALF C1, this year it is DELF B2.

At the same time, in the combined admissions method for the medical profession, the Hanoi Medical University stipulates that the matriculation score is no more than 3 points lower than the medical entrance exam score of the high school graduation exam results. must not be lower than the input quality assurance threshold set by the University. In case of not recruiting enough quota: The school will reserve the remaining quota for the Medical branch of the admission method 1.

Enrollment time, the school follows the enrollment plan in 2022 of the Ministry of Education and Training. Candidates submit the application for admission in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. Candidates applying for admission to the Medical program by the combined method (with an international foreign language certificate in English or French), must submit a notarized copy, an international certificate of English or French that meets the minimum requirements. at least for Hanoi Medical University before July 15.

For the direct admission method, the General Medicine and Dentistry – Jaw – Facial majors at the main campus only directly recruit candidates to participate in the Olympic cultural exams; International Olympic Prize winners (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Informatics; candidates are summoned to participate in the contest to select the national team to participate in the International Olympic Games: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Informatics.

The majors at Thanh Hoa branch and the remaining branches at the main campus directly recruit candidates who have won the third prize or higher in the national exam for excellent students in cultural subjects.

Candidates participating in national and international science and technology competitions organized or sent by the Ministry of Education and Training to participate, the School’s Admission Council will consider each candidate’s project or topic for direct recruitment.

Specifically: candidates who win the international science and technology contest nominated by the Ministry of Education and Training to participate will be considered for direct admission to all majors in accordance with the candidate’s subject content; Candidates who participate in the international Science and Technology competition appointed by the Ministry of Education and Training to participate and have IELTS 6.5 or higher, must report their contest topic in English to the School’s Admission Council and be approved by all members. Members of the School’s Admissions Council who attended the meeting agreed to be considered for direct admission to all majors in accordance with the candidate’s subject matter;

Candidates who win the First, Second, and Third Prizes in the National Science and Technology Competition: Consider direct admission to the bachelor’s majors in accordance with the content of the contest subject that the candidate has won.

The university’s direct recruitment target is not more than 25% of the target for each major.

As for the selection method for the results of the high school graduation exam, the guaranteed threshold of the receiving school will be announced after the Ministry of Education and Training announces it.

Tuition fees for the academic year 2022-2023 are as follows:

Medicine and pharmacy sector (Medical, Odonto-Stomatology, Traditional Medicine and Preventive Medicine): 24,500,000 VND/school year/student.

Health sector (Nursing, Nutrition, Optometry, Medical Laboratory Technology and Public Health): 18,500,000 VND/school year/student.

Advanced nursing program: 37,000,000 VND/school year/student.

This tuition rate increases from 30% to 71% compared to the school year 2021 – 2022 because the school begins to comply with Decree 81 on tuition fees, which is applied from this year.

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