Hanoi will have 3 more trade centers, 10 supermarkets and 100 convenience stores

Hanoi City has just had a plan to overcome the shortcomings and limitations on investment and development of commercial infrastructure pointed out after the 2021 Review Conference.

According to the assessment, over the past time, the City People’s Committee has drastically directed and has specific solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles in the development of the commercial infrastructure system in the city in general. including a system of markets, commercial centers, supermarkets and convenience stores.

As a result, in 2021, the city has invested and put into business, operating 2 markets, 2 commercial centers, 2 supermarkets, and 100 convenience stores.

However, the implementation results did not fulfill the set objectives. The difficulties and obstacles are mainly related to mechanisms, policies, planning, land, investment capital, incentive mechanisms to attract investment, and due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work called for call socialization of investment is still limited…

According to the plan, the city will mobilize all social resources to invest in building and renovating the market system in the city to develop synchronously, harmoniously, in the direction of civilization and modernity in the inner city. and centers of districts and towns; meet the criteria of building a new rural area, an enhanced new rural area, and a model new rural area in suburban rural areas…

The city will step up the work of calling for and attracting investment in various types of commerce, including markets, supermarkets, and trade centers, ensuring compliance with the planning. At the same time, supporting businesses to remove difficulties and obstacles, speeding up the implementation of new construction projects, rebuilding and renovating markets, trade centers and supermarkets in the city.

The whole city strives to develop 3 commercial centers, 10 supermarkets, and 100 convenience stores, contributing to turning the trade industry into a high-quality, value-added industry in the service sector of Hanoi. .

To accomplish this goal, the city will promote the socialization of investment, management, business, exploitation of markets in the area, clearance and arrangement of toad markets and temporary markets.

The city will also continue to support to create a breakthrough in the development of trade – services on the basis of expanding scale, diversifying types, improving quality, commensurate with the goal of building Hanoi into a the center of international trade and transaction of the region and the whole country; speed up investment procedures to build a number of trade centers in Tay Ho and Hoang Mai districts… in accordance with current laws.

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