Hari Won: ‘My family was scared when I appeared with a cute image’

In the program Beauty magic episode 3, Hari Won, Sam and makeup artist Nam Trung had a conversation about their own style. In today’s era, shaping personal style is one of the important factors to help women become more perfect and confident.

As an artist, Sam said that she herself always wants to experience many styles so that the audience always sees new images. Elegant, gentle, feminine style is the style that makes Sam the most confident.

Hari Won: My family was scared when I appeared with a cute image - Photo 1.

Hari Won, Sam and makeup artist Nam Trung share about fashion topics with style orientation

However, Hari Won is a special case when her personality and style are opposite. Tran Thanh’s wife confesses that her personality is a strong person, “underground” and loves to dress up, but it doesn’t fit. Therefore, she often has to choose a feminine and cute fashion style. But it is this that makes the singer’s family very afraid.

Hari Won confided: “Sometimes when I do cute actions, my family will say ‘want to vomit’. My family is very afraid of me appearing in such a cute, feminine image, even exclaiming: ‘Oh my God, I’m a baby. Why are you like this?’ Unlike children, people are always supported to pursue a cute image, but for my family, when I see that, everyone changes the channel immediately.”

Hari Won: My family was scared when I appeared with a cute image - Photo 2.

Recently, Hari Won pursues a more feminine image

In addition, when Sam reminded about the new hair color, Hari Won emphasized “My decision to bleach my hair was a very wise decision”. The singer recounted that she had previously wondered because she had never tried, thinking that bleaching her hair would be very scary, but she was determined to try it before the age of 40 and the results were better than expected.

Hari Won is delighted with her new hair color and new image. She also tries on more sexy outfits than before and continues to experiment with more if it feels right.

Tran Thanh’s wife revealed that she also received many opinions that “Harry is so bad these days” but despite those comments she rebutted “I’m old, I have the right to be spoiled, everyone.”

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