Harry and Meghan are taking pictures of their daughter after the Platinum Anniversary

Harry and Meghan released a photo of their one-year-old youngest daughter, Lilibet, after returning to the UK to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Day.

The photo released on June 6 was taken at Frogmore mansion on June 4, when Harry and Meghan invited some close friends to visit on the occasion of the two returning to England to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Anniversary. .

The photo shows baby Lilibet wearing a blue dress, a white bow on her head, and smiling while playing in the courtyard of the mansion. What makes everyone excited is that the girl has red hair, inherited from Harry’s father.

A spokesman for the couple said the party at Frogmore residence was a “casual, intimate picnic” for “close friends and family”.

Daughter Lilibet of the couple Harry - Meghan in the photo published on June 6.  Photo: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Daughter Lilibet of the couple Harry – Meghan in the photo published on June 6. Image: Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Prince William and Kate and their three children were also invited to this intimate party, but could not attend due to duties on the sidelines of the Platinum Celebration.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s reign, Harry and Meghan brought their son Archie, 3 years old, and daughter Lilibet, 1 year old, back to the UK. This is the first time the two have returned to the UK together since leaving the royal family and also the first time they have brought their daughter Lilibet, born in the US, to visit the Queen.

Immediately after Harry’s family arrived at Farnborough Airport on June 1, the Queen sent a car and security team to pick them up. A source revealed that the Queen felt it was “the right thing to do” sending a bodyguard to pick up her nephew’s family, a sign that the relationship between the British royal family and the Harry family seems to have “thawed”.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to have met the Harrys at Windsor Castle. The Queen’s Twitter account on June 4 sent birthday wishes to Lilibet’s great-grandson on the occasion of her one-year-old daughter. The Queen’s wishes were shared by Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate on social media with similar wishes.

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