He discovered the body of suspected Vietnamese in the factory on fire

Greater Manchester police discovered bodies at a factory that burned 10 weeks ago, possibly related to a group of missing Vietnamese.

Greater Manchester Police on July 25 said the bodies found at the scene of the Bismark House factory fire on Bower Street, Oldham, 10 weeks earlier, may have involved four people. Vietnam is missing.

The scene of the factory fire on Bower Street, Oldham town, England.  Photo: Oldham Times.

The scene of the factory fire on Bower Street, Oldham town, England. Image: Oldham Times.

“During the process of confirming the identity of the deceased, we are contacting partner agencies to ensure that those who may be their relatives in Vietnam are fully informed and supported,” said Rob Potts. , an official from Greater Manchester Police, said.

The fire broke out at the Bismark House factory at dawn on May 7. Greater Manchester Fire Department dispatched 10 fire engines to deal with the blaze.

“By the time the fire department arrived on the scene, the fire had spread very widely,” said Leon Parkes, a fire department official, at a press conference on July 25. “We have decided not to allow any firefighters to enter the building because the fire is so large and the structure of the building is unstable.”

At the time of the fire, police believe no one was inside. The fire was extinguished four days later.

Police on July 21 received a call about 4 Vietnamese missing and “possibly related to the fire”. Two days later, workers demolishing the Bismark House factory discovered bodies at the scene of the fire.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the cause of the fire. “Any indication of criminal conduct identified during the investigation will be verified and dealt with immediately,” Mr Potts said.

Duc Trung (Theo Guardian, Oldham Times)

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