Heartbreaking video: US police dive into a dark tunnel to find people who drowned after super typhoon Ida, a historic disaster

16 years ago, Hurricane Katrina entered American history as the most terrible disaster, killing about 1800 people. But with winds stronger than Katrina, Super Typhoon Ida is also causing a lot of scary disasters for the American people recently.

Hurricane Ida’s winds were so strong that it caused the Mississippi River to flow upstream – an extremely rare phenomenon. In addition, strong winds caused massive trees to fall, power lines collapsed, while heavy rain caused flooding and created many tragic scenes. As the new video posted on Twitter by the New York Police Department in Queens is an example, it shows the scene of two police officers diving into the basement of an apartment to rescue a family trapped there.

Reportedly, the story takes place on September 1, the time when Hurricane Ida caused heavy rain across New York City. Police received a report at 10 p.m. that a family was trapped in the basement of the house, but by the time they arrived, the water was over 60cm above the road surface. In other words, the basement must have been completely flooded by now.

Diving police find entrance to basement in New York to save family of 3

“They’re trapped inside,” – quotes neighbor Deborah Torres, talking about the family of Mr. Ang Gelu Lama who were victims of the storm. It is known that the whole family of 3 including Mr. Lama (50 years old), his wife Mingma Sherpa (48 years old) and 2-year-old son Lobsang Lama were all trapped and drowned in the basement.

“It was impossible to get out, because the water was already up to my knees – and I was on the second floor. You can imagine what happened in the basement.”

“That place looks like a water tank now,” – she said with a sad face.

Heartbreaking video: American police dive into a dark tunnel to find people drowned after the historic disaster of Super Typhoon Ida - Photo 2.

The house where the disaster happened

According to Torres, by the time the water began to fall, the family called the landowner for help. But after just a few minutes, it was too late.

“The boss said ‘Run immediately out of the basement, get out of there.’ A few minutes later they called back and no one picked up. – Torres reminisces.

At about 3:30 a.m., the bodies of the victims were found. All did not survive.

“They’re all dead,” Lobsang’s teacher, Martha Suarez, exclaimed. She came to tutor the boy, but then received news that her student had died. “I’m really shocked. Their family is so lovely. The baby is so cute.”

It is known that at least 13 people in New York City have died from Hurricane Ida, of which 11 people died because they were trapped in flooded basements.

Source: AP, NY Post

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