Hesitating to change the yellow number plate because ‘only runs the shuttle bus when free’

Hesitant to change the yellow number plate because he only runs the bus to pick up customers when he is free - Photo 1.

Before December 31, vehicles operating in transportation business must change to a yellow background number plate, black letters and numbers – Photo: QUANG DINH

Although the deadline for registration to switch to a yellow number plate is only 2 weeks away (December 31), Pham Thanh Tam – a GrabCar driver in Thu Duc City – said that he is still very confused, not sure whether to change number plate according to new regulations. According to Mr. Tam, this is a car for his family to travel, he only runs Grab in his spare time.

If you change to a yellow license plate, your wife will not be able to drive this car because only people with a B2 license are allowed to run a transport business while his wife only has a B1 license. “I don’t know how to calculate it, if I don’t change it to a yellow license plate, I will be fined when I carry passengers. If I change to a yellow license plate, my wife can’t drive this car because the driver’s license is not qualified while I’m driving. For a long time now, my wife has been driving mainly”, he Mind wondered.

Similarly, Mr. Tai – GrabCar owner – also said that he only carries passengers in his free time, the rest is for family use. “If you change to a yellow license plate, it will be inconvenient to use for personal needs and will lose value later on when reselling. The difference between a car with a white license plate and a yellow number plate when reselling is quite high, so I don’t know how to handle it. How’s that?” Mr. Tai said.

Meanwhile, taxi businesses said that most of the cars have been changed to yellow number plates. Talking to Tuoi Tre, Mr. Ta Long Hy – deputy general director of Vinasun taxi – said that the business has actively registered for digital transformation early, not waiting for “water to jump”. Therefore, out of 3,000 cars, only about 100 taxis are waiting for the yellow number plates to be installed, which is expected at the end of this December will complete.

Technology car companies said that they are asking drivers to urgently change to yellow number plates, and at the same time fully comply with the State’s regulations on transport business vehicles.

According to a representative of Grab VN, the majority of GrabCar drivers have completed the registration procedure to convert to a yellow number plate. For drivers who have not yet registered to change their number plates, the company is actively encouraging drivers to do so soon to continue operating their business, avoiding the risk of being fined.

A Gojek representative also said that GoCar has issued a notice asking the driver to change the number plate. GoCar drivers belonging to cooperatives are actively implementing the number plate conversion, which is expected to be completed before December 31. However, due to the impact of social distancing and COVID-19, some partners have difficulty in arranging time to make the license plate conversion early.

Changing the number plate to gold increased nearly 3 times

According to a leader of the vehicle registration team at 282 No Trang Long (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City), during the “sprint” phase of changing the yellow number plate, people came to change procedures and received a lot of results. The time to return the results will be recorded in the appointment letter by the receiving officer, usually over 2 weeks.

The car owner’s procedures to change the yellow number plate increased by nearly 3 times compared to the previous month. Due to the sudden increase in the number of gold plate changes, the number plate making company will not respond to the number plate in time, so the time to return the results will be prolonged.

However, the time to change the yellow number plate is counted from the date of application, so people who submit the application before December 31, but do not have a yellow number plate, can still run business as usual. When there is a yellow number plate, people will bring a white number plate to change it, without affecting travel.

“In case the application is submitted before December 31 but still does not have a yellow number plate, the driver can present an appointment letter submitted before December 31, if it is checked by the traffic police, there will be no penalty,” he said. explain.



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