Hien Ho’s return: ‘The public will be the fairest judges’

If before, the audience easily accepted the fact that an artist got up after a scandal, but over time, with the advent of social networks, the path of “remaking life” of idol stars like Hien Ho, which was already difficult, is now even more difficult.

Hien Ho appeared with a bright red outfit on the night of 9/11.

Hien Ho’s comeback is backlash

On the night of September 11, Hien Ho appeared at the music night with a bright red dress. Contrary to the applause in a space full of close people, congratulatory wreaths, the reaction of the online community is probably what the singer met but did not stay unexpectedly.

After half a year since the noisy private life broke out, the female singer born in 1997 has never been fine. As expected of the mixed wave, Hien Ho bowed his head to apologize, sharing his insomnia and anxiety when returning through the music night.

“Hien is very grateful that today is full of people. After all, everyone still chooses to sit here and listen to Hien, this is something Hien cannot describe in words,” said Hien Ho.

But on social networks, a series of comments against Hien Ho’s return appeared densely. Many people expressed dissatisfaction when witnessing the return of the female singer. Some comments said that she was “bleaching”, the act of bowing in apology during the concert just to pave the way to return to the entertainment world.

Hien Ho has not been accepted by the audience to return after half a year of being entangled in a scandal.

There are more comments saying that the audience should be “sober” and have a stricter view of the scandalous artist. That’s the way to “purify showbiz” like what the entertainment world is pursuing.

Unlike the online community, artists are the ones who try their best to support Hien Ho. Photos taken from the concert show that many stars in the entertainment world such as Erik, Thu Trang – Tien Luat send flowers and messages to their juniors. Erik’s message “I love you” to celebrate Hien Ho’s return made waves on social networks.

In addition, Hien Ho’s show also featured two characters, Quan AP and MC Nguyen Khang. Voice Who loves me shared: “Usually only I tremble, but Hien is steady right from the first song. Hien is inherently fastidious and strong. However, today, I discovered that Hien was more worried than usual and She needs a lot of applause from the audience present. She deserves it.”

Meanwhile, MC Nguyen Khang is equally controversial when “supporting” Hien Ho: “Actually, I understand the stress Hien has to go through. Whatever happens to me myself, I will become stressed. But I think everyone’s life is unpredictable.The best way to overcome it is not to choose a silent solution, but the important thing is that each person will have a direction. go alone”.

The public will be the fairest judges

Share with Tien Phong – Mr. Luong Trong Nghia, director of Oscar Town Entertainment, who has made success and managed many famous artists – said Hien Ho’s return is understandable.

“I think Hien Ho’s return is her freedom. No one can forbid her to return or be silent,” Nghia said.

At the same time, the media expert confirmed that Hien Ho returned because it was the instinct of a singer. However, Mr. Trong Nghia also questioned whether the return would help the vocalist Yes or no or not?

“After half a year of being entangled in a love scandal, Hien Ho also has to consider the date of return, whether the time is right or not, will help her go up or her career will go down,” Mr. Nghia shared.

Hien Ho’s comeback day met with mixed reactions from the online community.

Questioning whether Hien Ho’s return is a media move, Mr. Luong Trong Nghia said that the female singer will have her own consulting team.

Regarding the case of Hien Ho, the media expert found that the saying “If you hit the people who run away, no one will hit the people who run back” is almost no longer appropriate. “Actually, this saying is only true for each individual case and era. Anyway, what Hien Ho experienced is a moral violation. In my opinion, ethical standards and norms under the development of the Internet have now become so it’s extremely strict. In the past, a person who made a mistake was only known to one person, more than the whole village, but now the whole community knows it,” he added.

Finally, the expert affirmed that the reappearance and production of Hien Ho’s products is the freedom of the female singer. “We need to review whether the dedication is beneficial to the community, to Hien Ho herself or not. She and the audience will know for herself, the public will be the fairest judges,” said the expert. Luong Trong Nghia confirmed.

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